Criminalization of Ex-fathers

Inaccurate assertion from statistics cited on the Utah ORS web pages:

Child Support collections totaled $136.4 million. Of that amount, $ 110 million were distributed to children and families.

Of course we all know very well that the ORS does not distribute money to children. This deliberate inaccuracy is self-serving, in that it allows this bureaucratic group to claim a humanitarian purpose. In reality the ORS, like all government bureaucracies, primarily serves itself.

One of the things listed as a positive accomplishment is that ORS collections actually increased over some period. Rather than seeing this as symptomatic that their welfare system is shamefully broken and out of control, to them the increase of broken homes and disrupted families that they help perpetuate is something to be proud about.

These people actually have the temerity to claim that they serve the public welfare by helping to break up families and separate children from their natural fathers, while attempting to force the ex-fathers to finance the whole fiasco.

Jim Cobabe