Criminalization of Ex-fathers

Somehow in the process of becoming divorced, I lost a wife and four children, but gained the personal interest and following of a new "Nazi Gestapo"-like regime--the Utah Office of Recovery Services. Someone by the name of Laura V Evans seems to be the current nemesis assigned to this deviltry. She is on my "case". I don't know her, only spoke a few words on the phone once. But she was nasty enough even at that. More about that later.

I've done my best to maintain sanity while complying with the demands of the Utah ORS, even though many of the demands seem obscure and quite pointless. Some of the more egregious I have largely ignored. The most trivial seem intended primarily to harass. And what evil have I done to fall under the sanction of this damning legalized servitude? I was divorced, of course--which automatically brands me as a criminal, subject to a unique set of laws that pertain exclusively to divorced men.

An example just for starters.

I've been ahead of the child support demands for more than five years--in fact, I paid several thousand dollars in excess to the Utah ORS, which they have never accounted for.

ORS web site claims their mission is to promote responsibility, but apparently they're not responsible in any way to the people whose money they take.

In September 2001, along with thousands of others, I lost my job. But the difference between me and thousands of others is that the Utah ORS says it is against the law for me to be unemployed and unable to pay whatever money they demand. My poverty was used against me to turn me into a criminal. I completely ran out of money by January, and stopped making payments while I was looking for another job. Thereby becoming a despicable deadbeat dad.

Ironic, isn't it? Before I was divorced, back when I really thought I was my ex-children's dad, most people who knew me would have at least offered a token of sympathy. But since I'm an ex-father, being unemployed and unable to pay is a criminal act.

Here's something from one of the ORS responses I got in April:

I suppose one might expect such measures to be imposed for a probationary ex-convict.

Or an ex-father.

Form E01A Page 8 of 11


Under U.C.A 62A-11-304.4, you are required to tell ORS/CSS of changes that occur in any of the following:

- Your residential and mailing address,
- Your telephone number(s)
- The name, address, and telephone number of your employer(s),
- Your driverÂ’s license and Social Security numbers, and
- Medical insurance coverage information regarding your children. If you have been ordered to maintain medical insurance for your children, you must give ORS/CSS the insurance company name and address, policy number, names of those insured, the amount of insurance premium you are required to pay, and tell ORS/CSS whenever there are any changes. If your support order was issued in Utah on or after July 1, 1994, you may request ORS/CSS to determine if you are eligible for a partial credit for the cost of the childrenÂ’s portion of the premium. If you do not have medical insurance for your children, you will need to obtain insurance according to the terms of your support order.

I imagine the Utah ORS and other such government welfare schemes routinely get away with abusive and oppressive actions. After all, they claim to be serving the interests of children. Such a good cause supercedes the personal rights of deadbeat dads. Who cares about them?

Jim Cobabe