this is the year of our lord 1873 january the 13 & I am now comensing two write the history of my life and all so of my fathers life as far as I can get it. I should have comensed this years a go but oweing two circumstances and neglect I have not comenst untill now and I hope two write A genolegy of my fathers as far back as I can get it.
I am A sun of alexander Neibaur who was a sun of Nathan and Rebecca Peretezsen Neibaur. 
Alexander Neibaur was born January the 8 1818 at Ehrenbectenstein on the Rhine Germany.
Was Maried two Miss Ellen Breaket, Daughter of Richard and Allace Banister Breaket at Chanles 1833.
Ellen Breaket Born at Langston Lancashier England February 28th 1811.
Births of the childred of Alaxander and Ellen Breaket Neibaur:
1. Joseph William sons of Alexander and Ellen Breaket Neibaur Born in Preston Lancashier England January the 6 1835
2. Margret Neibaur Born in preston Lancashier England Feb 23 1836.
3. Iaaac Neibaur first name afterwards changed two Samuel Peretz was born in Preston Lancashire England January the 7 1837.
4. Isaac Neibaur the second was born in Preston Lancashier England on February the 5, 1841.
5. Alace Neibaur was born in Nauvau Johns SC O Illinois May 22 1841.
6. Birtha Was born Dec 14 1842 state of Illinois hand cock County November the 30 1844.
7. Hyrum Smith Neibaur was born in Nauvoo Hancock county Ill November the 30 1844.
8. Leah Nebaur was born in Nauvoo Hancock co Ill augest 29 1846.
9. Rachel Neibaur still still Born in Winter quarters Douglass co Nebraska Dec 12 1847. Was buried in the grave yard in the hill wast of old winter quarters.
10. Sarah Ellen Neibaur was born in S L city May 21 1849.
11. Rebecca Ann Neibaur was born in S L City Utah March 30 1851.
12. Marey esther was born in Salt Lake City Utah December 4 1852.
13. Matilda Isabella Neibaur was born in Salt Lake city Utah January 30 1854.
14. Nathan Alexander Neibaur was Born in Salt Lake City Utah September the 14 1855.
On February the 5, 1841 Father Alexander and mother Ellen Neibaur and family of three children and compy Left Pteston Lancashier England in company with others for Liverpool two embark on board the ship Sheffield bound for neworleans. We left preston by the 820 train. reacht Labon at half past ten. went directly on board the ship where we found A number of emergrants the ship all in an uproar, Lugage men women and children all hudeld together. went to Heargroves Railway Office, got our lugage put on board the ship. we then got something from the cook shop for our Families. as it was very cold we went to bed at dark.
February the 6 I went two see a friend of mine (Mr Hank). he was very glad to see me and Particulary so that I had made up my mind to emegrate. He gave me a present for my wife A Boay, A muff for my daughter, and A pair of gloves for myself. He wisht me a safe arival that the Lord might prosper me.
towards dark Elders Young Ritchards and Taylor these THREE Gentlemen had the superintendency of the storeing of the companey with Elder Hyrum Clark, the president of companey for the voyage. after the Emergrants were called together order By Bro Br Young and silence being atained, the companey was ordered two be on board by 8 o clock on sunday morning and all those taht had not paid their pasgg mony or deposited 21 1/2 pounds to wards thear provisions would be put on shore with their Lugage, and all those that had not done so were ordered to go immedetley to 72 Borling Streete or they would have to abide the consequeneces. there were several that was compelled two borrow. others was forced to pawn their clothes.
Sunday the 7 about 8 o clock Elders Brigham Young Taylor and Richards in company with Clark came on Board. all were now in an uproar. the captin B R Porter gave his orders. about 10 o clock the ship was under way. the shore was lined with people. a fine breeze soone carried us doen the river. soone we ware out of sight of liverpoole
February the 8 the company are most all sick In bed. a sloope in sight having to inquire her way having beene at sea 11 days, 5days driven to the land.
Feb the 11 a woman very, sick dies at 12.30
Arived at nauvoo Illinois aperil the 18 1841.
June the 27 1844 Joseph and Hyrum Smith Were murderd by a mob in carthage Jale.
may the 24 1845 the top stone of the nauvew tempel was laid city of Joseph.
Sep the 13 1845 reported by some of the bretheren from Lima, the mob having to comenst two destroy the property by burning houses and driveing them from their homes, possessions.
Sep the 15 Bretheren with their teams going to bring in grain from the bretheren.
Sep the 16 Sherif Baskenstash ishueing a proclamation calling on a possie of men to stop the riot. the sheriff persued by the mob. Ferank Warle the leader of the mob was shot of his horse soposed to be by O P rockwill.
Sep the 17 one hundred men turned out of nauvoo with the sheriff against the mob. there were two men killed and one wounded. myself with twenty nine men of the bretheren volantiered as a guard.
Sept 18th 290 of the bretheren volantiered to go out with the sheriff.
Sept the 19 comenst prepairing for war.
20 camps going to war. saw myself being one of the party. we returned the same night. the mob fled two misouria.
Sept the 21 in the eavening a white flag hoisted as a signal two comens firing. I stood guard that night.
22 John Scott started two carthage with a company.
23 stood guard.
the 24 the twelve apostles go out two carthage two trial on a charge of treason. returned being aquited, the witness against them being A Dutchman not knowing aney thing about them, but was perswaded two by the mob.
25 it was suposed that the govner was on his way two restore order. the mormans ware two leave nauview and their homes and go west two find a home in calefornia, then belonging two mexico, where they could live in piece and be free from mob violence. 
Sept the 26 Sherifs Proclemation.
27 I went two see president young and he said none should be left behind that wanted to go.
Oct the 2 troopes left nauview. I went to view the temple.
Oct 4 I put my name on captin peter haws list two go with the churtch wither the Lord intends us to go.
February the 8 1846 Brigham Young Heber C Kimball P P Pratt John Taylor Orson Hyde preached their rare well adress in nauview previous to their departure for the west.
may the 14 the nauvoo tempel dedecated.
June the 9 the mob comenst hostiletfes again.
12th the brethren were called together in the temple.
14th training the bretheren to watch day and night.
July the 3 the mob linched some of the bretheren Easu McCuley and F Highby with 13 others brought in training up to the 9 and 11. the mob mooved north towards Wm Laws field. 35 canon balls were fierd. I was placed in a cornfield oposet Hyrum Smiths Farm. two forts were erected during the night. brother William Anderson, his son and brother moris belonging to the Fifth quorum of seventies were killed. brother white head and two others were wounded.
17 I crosst the missippi river to montroes iowa and staid one weak. brother fuller took us one mile and a half to Farmington. staid 4 weaks and moved to bonepart. staid there untill June the 24 1846. left Boneparte. I reacht mont pisga July 9.
21 and 22 we rested.
23 went two trading point.
24 I went to winterquarters to meeting.
28 mooved to winterquarters.
December the 12 my wife was confined. the child was dead. the power of god and the priesthood made bare in a wonderful maner. Prais be the Lord God of isrell for his mercies to me and mine. I want my children to remember this day.
May 23 1847 started from winterquarters and reacht Salt lake sep 24, 1848.
Janary the 21, 1893 I am comensing to write my history. I am the sun of Alexander and Ellen Breaket Neibaur. Father Neibaur was born January the 8, 1808 at Eherenbeitenstein on the Rhine Germaney. My mother is the mother of 14 children and 11 of them are living, and some of them are in the church and some are not but father and mother taught us that it was write for us to be baptised at the age of 8 years old and so acted with all of their children and if aney of us go a stray it will not be for the lack of fathers and mothers training for A beter and kinder and more afectionet mother than mine I dent think ever lived. my father was a good man and a man of honor and integrity and father and mother joined the church in england and emegrated two america in the year 1841.
on February the 5 left preston Lancashier with a company of saints having with them three children. left for liverpoole to embark on board the ship Sheffield bound for new Orleans. I shall not proceede farther to write more of the histrey of my father as I have writen it in a nother place in this book.
I was born in the year 1844 in the state of illinois Handcock countey, city of Nauvoo, on the 23 of may. father put his name down to go with the church in the year 1847 and we arrived in SaltLake Valley Sept the 24, 1848 and seteld on a lot whitch is now in the 13 ward whare we livd from the time we came there untill the year 1858 when the saints ware called to leave their homes and go south. where we was to go we did not know. the government had sent out an armey of men to destroy the mormans and we left our homes and intended two make A sacrifice of them rather than give up the principels of our religon or the principels the lord had revealed to us whitch we know to be right. father and my brothers mooved most of our things early in the spring as far as provo and about the fore part of June my father with his famley left our home in Salt Lake city and started south never expecting two sea our home Again and willing to leave it if the lord required it of us rather than two sacrifice one principel of our religon. I was baptised when I was 8 years old or a bout that time. we moved south as far as provo and was gon a month and then returned a gain and I remember well the time and the joy and the satisfaction that I had in looking forward to the time when I was to be baptised and I thought I would never a gain say a bad word or doe a bad deede and I felt as tho I was willing to repent of all the bad I had done or said but I find that I am the same as all other men and when I would do good eavel is present never the less I feele to continue in striving to overcome that which is eavel. We lived in the same place while we lived in the city and all of my fathers children ware maried of xcept my brother nathan the youngest of my fathers children. I lived at home with my father and mother untill I was 22 years old and I was maried two a young ladey by the name of Jane Harriet Spriggs a very estamabel and loving and mutch respected young ladey. She was the daughter of Sharlott Letecia Fokerd Spriggs and John Spriggs. my wife was 18 years old in June and we ware maried the next January. we was maried in the indument house Salt Lake city by heber C kimbel on the 18 of January 1867. we lived at my fathers until we went to keeping house.
on the 26 of martch I started to go to brigham city in company with my brother Isaac and his wife. we stopt in brigham city untill the 8 of aperil when we started to go to the mines with freight to idaho and boich ctty. I returned to Salt Lake city a gain a bout the 12 of June. found my wife and father and mother and all the rest of the famely that ware at home all pretty well except my mother who had been sick for several years. I remained at home during the remainder of the sumer and I went to hauling wood out of the kanyon and solt it to camp douglas and other places whare I could and in the fall my wife and I moved into my brother Isaacs house and went to keeping house and on the 16 of October our first child was born 1867. 
Hyrum Alexander born oct the 16, 1867.
I hierd out to David P. Kimbel a sun of Heber C. Kimbel and on the first day of January 1868 we started from Salt Lake city with mule teams to go to Lausangelous for freight namely merchandise liquors and sitra. we was a bout seven weaks on the road from Salt Lake to Laussangelous and we got back two salt lake on the last day of aperil being 4 months to a day on the road. 
I found my wife and child quite well and a bright eyed bounsing boy and a kind and an arectionet wife to welcome me home. I stopt at home 6 days and on the 6th day of may in companey with my brother Isaac and my brotherinlaw John Smith we started to go to the sweete water mines to get work as times ware very dull in Salt lake. we went to swete water and times there ware a bout as dull as they ware in Salt lake and we went from there to the north platt. we reached the platt a bout the first of June and comenst two work for A man by the name of M. S. Hall on the rail road. we workt ther one month and then we moved to bittercreek. I workt on the railroad untill a bout the first of october when I got dissatisfied and I left because we could not get our pay and in companey with Albert Delany I came to the muddey and I went to work for Charles Crisman and I workt there untill a bout the first of November when I again returned home to my wife and child. my wife had rented a house of my Father and was living there. I stopt at home for a few days and then I got a team from my brother Isaac and I went to bear river to work at Crismans tie and timber camp. I workt there for a few weaks and then I quit work and started home. I got a load of freight to bring as far as echo station and while I was coming up a hill in echo kanyon one of the mules bawkt and let the wagon run back. I went to put a rock under the wheal and I got my hand under the wheal and it broke my thumb and masht my hand up considerabell. tied my hand up and I had to drive the rest of the way home with one hand. I came two Father Sprigeses where I was welcomley recieved and kindly treated and I stopt there one day and I got a load of coal and started for Salt lake city a distens of 40 miles. went to Dr Anderson and got my thumb set. I staid at home a few days and I went two bear river and got a load of freight for Kimbel and lawrens and got home again all right. I stopt at home for a while and then went to work for Georg Stringam and on the 3rd of martch I left home with georg Strinams teams to work on the railroad at the end of the union pacific for Mr caseman. we was distributing ties a long the track. I workt there untill the last of may and then I returned home and I stopt home a few days and I took a six mule team og Geo Stringam and started to go out west on the railroad and hall cord wood. we went to nevada whare I stayed untill the first of october 1869 and about the first of October I returned to Salt lake. while I was absent on my former tripp ny wife had moved from my fathers house in two a house in the 9 ward belonging to Chancey wede and when I returned she was still living there. we lived in brother wedes house untill a bout the first of december when we moved to Coalvill whare we lived untill the fore part of June.
in January the 27th 1870 our sun Joseph was born.
during the winter I workt for Father Spriggs in the coal bed and in June we mooved to Kamas. we was moved by Geo Gimes. he had one yoak of oxon and a wagon with whitch he mooved all of our earthley pozesions and did not have a very big load. we moved in two a house that belonged to cris Larson and we lived there untill the fall. the house was in the south east corner of the fort, a foart that had beene put up by the people as a protection against the Indians during the summer. I went to work and by fall I managed to get a log cabin of my own. shitch stood in the north west corner of the foart. we lived there during the winter and the next spring we moved in John Smiths house and we lived there during the sumer and the fall. we mooved back to our own house where we lived during the winter and on crismas morning our oldist daughter was born about 10 a m 1872. 
Hariet Ellen born December the 25 1872.
in the meantime I bought a city lot from billey Gibson and in the spring I moved my house on my own lot whare we lived for about 2 years and a half during whitch time our daughter
Sharlotte was born october the 9, 1874.
we lived there untill the year 1876 when I mooved the house down on provo river expecting to take up some land but oweing to circumstances was disapointed and the next winter was a very sovear one and during the winter I lost one steer out of the onley team I had in the comensment of the winter and on
the first day of november our sun Benjamin was born.
we lived on the river during the winter and the next spring we moved back to Kamas in to bro hans larsons house. we moved a bout the second day of may and on the 12th of may I left my wife and children and started to go over the hills to the head of little Cotenwood to work at the mines. I left home in the morning and at night our babey Benjeman was taken sick with the scarlet tena and my wife was left a lone to take care of him in his sicknes and she managed very well but about the time that the babey got well our next child Sharlot came down with the same disease and it was with mutch pursesearene and with faith and the adminestrating and by the power of the priesthood that she was saved. I stopt in cotenwood to work untill I was sent for by my wife to come home and help her take care of the children. when I got home I found our children very sick and my wife nearley wore out but our children are spaired to us thanks to the lord for his loving kindnes to wards us.
we lived in brother larsons house untill the fall when we moved into a log house that belonged to William Bright whare we lived during the winter. we lived in one roome. the house was a double log house and william Bitcheson lived in the other room. during the winter I worked in the kanyon making ties and in the spring I moved to heber city in wasatch county. 
a bout the 17th of April I went to heber city and I stopt over night with Wm Renals. I went there to try to get work and the next day I went and saw bro Abram hatch and I got a job from him of working in his garden. I comenst to work April the 17, 1877 and I workt for bro hatch untill the 21 of may and during the time I was here I made up my mind that I would move to heber city and I saw bishop atwood and consulted him on the matter and he thaught if I could beter my circumstances he would giv his consent for me to moove. and so acordingley I bargint with John Carl to get a house and a lot from him whitch was in the west ward of heber city and on the 21 of may 1877 I hierd a yoak of oxen and a wagon of bro hatch and I came over to kamas and mooved my wife and children five children and all of our earthley pozessions to heber city and we lived here untill I got a lot in the east heber ward during the time we lived in John Carls house our daughter our was born.
Leah Neibaur born in heber city may the 25, 1878.
I did not get the house that I bargind for of John Carl and so I baught two lots from the city and I bought an old log house from John Mure for whitch I paid him 25 dollars in laber. the house was covered with dirt and I moved it on my own lot and I got some shingles from bro henry Cleg and put a shingeld roofe on it and it was then that I beoame a king and had a castel of my oan to dwell in. I paid $23 a piece for the lots during the winter. I went to the park to work in the earley part of the spring. my wnt to work with the little children and cleard the sage brush from one of the lots and we got it plowd up and by hurding it through the sumer we managed to rais some potatoes and a little garden whitch helped us to live throug the winter and the next spring we got the other lot broke up and then we raised a little more garden and considerabel more potatoes and in the spring we had potatoes to sell. we myself and the boys workt at such work as we could get to doe for the peopel and in the kanyons and on the farms and sitra.
 June the 5th 1880 Elizabeth born.
On the 23 of September I paid to Thomas W. Giles for city lots $20 in cash.
May the 26 I paid to Thomas W. Giles in cash $20.00 1884.
in the spring of 1884 myself and the boys took a farm of Alfans murdock to work on shairs. there was 27 akers in the farm. the farm was all ready put in and we was to water it and cut it hall it and murdock was to furnish the team. we also took ten akers from James Clide on the same terms. we was to get one third and we divided the grain in the shock.
David Neibaur was born 21 of October 1882.
while we lived here my self and the boys workt in the kanyons. grubed sage brush workt at the mills and on the roads and other places where we could get work. we managed to put up a roome in the fall before David was born and that arorded us a litle more house roome and we began to think by this time that we was getting pretty well of and in the fall of 1884 we put up a roome on the north side of the house. this we built for a grainry and it was then that our troubel commenced. 
our sun Irwin John Neibaur was born October the 26, 1884 in heber city.
I stopt at home for a bout five or six days to help to take care of my wife and when the baby was a bout five or six days old and my wif was doeing well I got a chans to go in the kanyon and chop logs at bishop formenas mill and so I went and took my two boys with me Hyrum A and Joseph H. there was a bout 8 or 10 men besides myself and the 2 boys. on the 12 of December william Gileses team came from heber city and campt with us where we ware cutting logs and on the morning of the 13 they started to go home and Hyrum wanted to go with them as most of the Boys was going home and the wether was stormey and we had left his mother in bed with a young babey and he felt considerabel conserned a bout her. I told him that our logs ware not halled in and I thought we should wait and and sea them halled in and scailed and then we could go home and so I perswaded him to stop. the team had beene gon I should think a bout two hours when we went out from camp to chop and when we got in the timber it comenst to snow and hyrum got dissatisfied and said he knew they would not hall the logs if we chopt them whitch prooved to be very true. we had some words when I told him that he had better go home then if he was so mutch dissatisfied and he dropt his ax and started. I told him to take his ax with him as I had my ax and the saw to take back to camp. he came back and got the ax and started for home and that was the last that we ever heard from him and we know not if he is dead or a live but it is very probable that he perisht in the mountains. we was a bout one mile and a half from the north west end of straw bery valley. I stopt there and chopt untill nearly night and then I went to camp as the storm by this time had got very savear. we stopt thare that day and the next day and we workt in the storm alttho it was very savear and the next mroning was monday and we started home and we came as far as Foremans mill and there we campt.
tuesdsy the 16 we started from Formans mill to go home. tuesday morning we road home with John Foreman. one of bishiop Formans boys. we arived at home a bout 4 Oclock. when we got home my wife askt me whare hyrum was. when I said is he not here my wife said no nor he has not beene sins he left here with you. I went to some of the boys who had beene on the kanyon and askt them if they had sean aney thing of Hyrum but no one had sean him. I went to my nearest neighbor Joseph Fisher and got a horse and started back to the mountains whare we had beene choping logs. I road the horse that I got from Joseph Fisher a bout sixteene miles and he was nearley give out I was by this time a bout 16 miles from heber city I then got a horse from Georg T. Giles and continued my journey untill I came to a camp of some men that ware choping logs near the same place we had been choping and there I stopt all night as the night was very dark and it was snowing very hard. in heber the news of our boys being lost spred like wild fire and the deacon bro Jessey Baum rang the bell and called the people together and men volantierd to go and they did go and did not wait for morning but ware going all night alltho it was snowing hard. that night I slep in a tent or rather lay in a tent with Bros. William Nelson and Robert Bard. we was up in the morning before lite and came down to the road and there ware 21 men there that had some from heber. the snow was still falling very fast but we met and was devided in to crowds by sherif ritchard James. some went one side of strawbery valley and some on the other and during the time it was snowing as hard I think as I ever saw it snow in my lire and the snow by this time was a bout 3 feete deepe and in a half of an hour after the horses had made a trail it would all be coverd up. we hunted all that day and at night we came back to Foremans mill to camp and we continued the surtch for a bout 3 days and then we gave it up as the storm still kep on. we thought Hyrum mite have wandered down and got into spanish fork Canyon and John Campbell and Thomas Watoon down provo Canyon and from there they took the cars and went to spanish fork Kanyon but could get no tidings of the lost one
December the 21 1884 A bout the 21 I returned home to my retched wife and familey and retched we ware indeede. the storm contined for weaks during the time we ware living in little hopes yet dieing in dispair. during the time I went work and made me a pair of snow shoes and a lite hand sleigh and prepaired to take a tripp in the hills as soone as the wether cleared up so that I could think I mite find my suns remains.
February the 24 1885 on tuesday morning I left home with Orson T. Hickins and campt at Foremans mill.
Feb 25 I hunted on the west side of strawbery valley and to the point of pines. went to the mill to camp.
26 I hunted between the mill and strawberry ditch.
27 was stormey so that I had to stop at the mill all day.
28 at the mill all day and stormey.
martch 1 the went to strawberry peak with Samuel L. Jones and from there south.
martch the 2 went to soljer nole and from there west and up in the kanyon. I took my sleigh up near the top of soljer nole in order to get wood for a camp fire and I had a hard time to get my sleigh up the hill. I got two chunks of logs and dug down in the snow about two feete in the snow and made a camp fire and melted some snow and got my supper. when bed time came I dug a hole a bout 3 feete deepe in the snow and went to bed.
mar the 3 got up and ready to start a bout 8 a m. I had with me a shovel and a gun and 2 quilts a wagon cover an over coat a pair of snow shoes and sleigh made for the occasion. got my things packt up and in my sleigh and got on my sleigh to come down the hill. my sleigh tipt over on top of me but I didnot get hurt very bad. packt things up started on and went down to strawberry crick. left my sleigh and went west a bout 2 miles on the south side of soljer nole and from there to the mouth of coal kanyon. left my sleigh and camp and went on the hills south. saw a pile of red dirt on the snow. the snow had been dug out by the foxes. at first I took it to be the object of my persuit and the nearer I came to it the more it looked like it untill I came close up to it. my feelings at the time are better emgened than described for my knees smote together and I was all in presperation. this object proved to be a pile of dirt that had beene thrown out by the foxes. in the after noone went on the hills north or coal kanyon.
martch the 4 went up coal kanyon got some wood of the side hil and cookt my breakfast. left my sleigh at the camp fire and went south one mile and from there east. came in the road east of coal kanyon. went from there to windey hill. I found the trees that Hamer Framton and Hyrum Jones had sean in the fall that they had thought were cut down by Hyrum my son. I took my shovel and dug down to the bottom of the trees and they wear all bloan over and ware all ledged in other trees. the snow here was a bout 4 feete deepe. I hunted a round here a little to see if I could find aney thing like kindeling wood for it had beene reported that there ware sines of some one trying to make a fire and of corse I wanted to satisfy my self the best I could in the mater and if possible get some clue of the direction he had taken I hunted here sifissent to satisfy my self that there ware no signes of his being there and I then took out my book to write and take down some notes of what I had done through the day as I had beene doeing all the way through my travels and the water comenst to run out of my eyes and I found that I was snow blind. I then put my book in my pocket and started for my camp or the place whare I had started from in the morning. I got to camp a bout sundown that night. I had a wagon to lie in. the wagon was one that had beene left there in the fall by someone who had started for Ashlies fork in the fall and had got snoed in or rather the snow came on so deepe they couldnot get aney further with their wagons and they left them. this was about the time our sun was lost. I cookt my super and went to bed and my eyes ware very painful nearly all night.
martch the 5 got up and got some breakfast packt up my things and started for Foremans mill and had a hard time to get a long as I had to keepe my eyes covered most of the time. I arived at the mill a bout sundown and nearley wore out in my mind and body and my eyes very sore and painful.
martch the 6 when I got to the mill I found there all Murdock james Clide John Carl and several others that ware on their road to the hurd. they was going to sea a bout their catel that ware on the winter range. on the morning of the 6 I came down the kanyon with Brigham wit. I arived at home a bout 2 p m where I have remained ever sins and am still blind in my left eye and it is now Aperil the 23. there has beene nothing particular hapen sins and no tidings yet of our dear son.
April the 28 I started to Salt Lake city with Robert Montgomery. we went as far as andersons the first day and on the 29 we arrived in Salt lake city. I went to my sister Leah Pauls to stop. in the afternoone I went to see J Rirey Lyon and had my eyes doctored. remained in the city a bout 9 days. atended a mass meeting. got up to protest a gainst the procedings of Judg Zane and the U S Oficels. started home on the may the 8. I started for my home in heber city incompaney with Hyrum Strong. arived at home on the 9 and found my wife and children as well as could be expected under the circumstances.
may the 18 Left heber city in company with 17 men with william Averet captin two hunt in strawberry valley for the remains of my sun Hyrum. arived in strawberry valley in the eavening. campt oposet the soldiers knolle.
May the 19 started from camp 7 am. went to the mouth of coal kanyon and camp hunted on boath sides of the kanyon and boath sides of the river below the ford and as far east as windey hill.
20 and from there south and east.
21 moved from coal kanyon to the point of pines and hunted on the east side of strawberry valley.
 22 started home. arived home a bout 2 p m
heber city June the 8 Henry walker reported that a man by the name of Royal Clenens a bout the time that our son was lost was out hunting stock in the head of kobel creek kanyon and he saw a fire whitch he saposed to be the fire of some hunters and he also saw a mans track in the snow and when he heard of our bov being lost he thought it mite have beene made by our sun
Junn the 13 I started in company with my bro Nathan and Henry Walker and my sun Joseph to go to the head of kobel creek kanyon. we campt on a tributary of kobelcreek and the next morning we proceeded to mr Clemenses house. Mr. Clemens says it was about the first of december when he saw the fire in the head of kobel creek and near strawberry peak. Mr Clemens started twice to go to the fire. Did not go as it was geting late. Mr. walker and myself went to mr Clemens and we left Nathan and Jospeh in camp and we got Mr. Clemens to go with us and sho us as near as he could the palce he had seen the fire.
 June the 13 we campt on the head of kobelcreek Kanyon and we hunted the next day through the timber. the next day we left camp and crosst over the ridg and into strawbryy and campt in the holow that ---------- ware logging out of.
June the 14 1885 The horses are lost and I cant tell yet how long it will take to get them. we found the horses and hunted in the woods near the place whare we chopt logs and from there to the point of pines. pacht up and left camp a bout 2 p m. campt with the men that ware working on the strawbery ditch.
June the 15 left camp a bout 8 a m. arived at J Thomases in center criok a bout 12 and started of in the hills with nathan to hunt for a horse. nathens sinch slipt back in the horses flank. the horse threw him of and kicht him and broke his arm. arived home a bout 4 p m and went to sea Dr Glonpeile and got nathens arm set.
July the 15 started from camp at 7 am. comt to Foremans mill and borowed a gun from Benj Foreman. went to J Turners saw mill and met Hyrum Jones and he went with me from there two Rosses shingel mill by the way of kobel creek road. we went from the shingel mill two a flat at the head of point of pine holow and hunted over the flat. went from thare two strawberry peak and hunted in the head of kobel creek kanyon.
July 16th 1885 left camp a bout (?) a m and hunted in the head of koble creek near strawberry peak and went from there in the head of point of pines holow and from there to Turners mill and there I met my sun Joseph. 
17 July left camp 8 a m and went near the head of the Kanyon whare we was campt when hyrum left us and from there south and east and hunted through the hills. campt with bagley bros and John Carl on mud creek.
July the 18 started from camp a bout 8 a m and went a cross the hills in two spanish fork kanyon. campt on it tributary of strawbery in the west of the valley.
July the 19 started from camp about 7 a m. hunted through the valley and a long the stream as far as wilow creek went from there two the mouth of the strawbery ditch and campt.
July the 20 started from camp 7 a.m and went down into danielses kanyen and from there home. arrived at home at 12 and found my family all well. my sun Joseph was with me on this trip and when I came home of corse he came with me. we stopt at home for a few days and then we got a job from mr williams two go up on provo river and chop ties and we workt here until October when Mr. Williams received my ties and gave me an order on S. S. Jones for our pay half cash and half store pay and we came home and I got a team from bro John Mewer and my wife and I and the babey went to provo. Irwin was the babey at this time. we stopt at sister nancey Jane Mcmulins and we had a very pleasant time. bought some fruit and cabage and other provisions and come home to Heber city. here we lived untill quite late in the fall when I concluded i would swap my place in heber city and get a beter one some other place. my brother nathan had oferd to let me have 20 akers of land on the Kamas bench if I wanted to moove to Kamas and I traded my place of to Joseph fisher for a pair of horses and harness and a wagon and a plow. my sun Joseph then took the team and comenst two hall lumber to the park and I came over to John Smiths and went to work two fix up a house to live in a house that belonged two my brotherinlaw Adam Paul. I fixt the house up and got my brotherinlaw John Smith two help me. 
we got the house fixt up and on the first day of January 1886 we moved. my brotherinlaw John Smith came over with a team to help us to move and on the first day of the year we loaded our things in the wagon and I dont know the time that I was out in a colder day. I had a cover on the wagon that my wife and the children ware in and some of them got ver sick not being used to riding. Joseph walkt most of the way and drove the cow. my wife het some rocks befroe we started and had them in the wagon to keepe herself and the children from freezing. we arived at John Smiths about 5 pm. here we stopt for a few days and was made welcome by brother John and sister Ellen. the weather during the time was savearly cold. we got some factory and my wife and I put a sealing in our house and then we mooved into it. here we lived during the winter and we halled lumber from the saw mills and got a few dollars and we got some some grain and provisions from my brother nathan and John Smith as they was partners in a farm and cattle and sitra and we workt for them in the spring on the farm and paid them up and we broke up some land for ourselves and put in a bout 3 akers of wheat oats and potatoes and sitra. during the spring of 1886 Joseph and myself went to work on the road from davises up the river to John Smiths. here we workt two the amount of a bout one hundred dollars half of whitch went as a donation to build the road and the other we received pay for at one dollar a day each and when we had finisht the job our last and oanley cow laid down and died the day we came home. this lookt rather discouraging never the less the lord liveth who ruleth in the heavens and in the earth and chasteneth those he lovs and with the chastisement he will prepair a way for thair escape.
the next summer I went to the park and at while in park city I went from there to snyders mill and here my son Joseph and my self workt in the cord wood with the team and we did not get very ritch. we workt here untill late in July and then we came home and workt at the hay and harvest. we then went to work at the ties for Mr Williams. here we workt until late in the fall and during the winter halld some lumber. we raised a few bushels of grain potatoes and sitra which helped us to live during the winter. in the spring of 1887 I got a job from John T Moone to chop logs for his mill. the logs ware in pine valley. Joseph and I went to work chopping and we chopt several thousand and we then concluded to get a yoak of oxen and a cart from Mr Moone and wat to pay him for them in logs skided in pine valley. I got the catel and cart a bout the first of august and by the first of december we had them nearly paid for besides the suplies we had drawn at Mr Moons in the fall. we bought a nother yoak of catel from Than Williams and he agred to wait for one year for his pay. I wintered the catel and in the spring Mr Williams wanted me to pay him for the cattle or return them without any remuneration for wintering. this I utterly refused to do. we workt at the ties and logs during the sumer and late in the fall. in the spring we moved from adam pauls house up the river a bout 4 miles in a house that I rented from George Ellis. here we lived during the sumer of 1888 and in the fall we moved in a nother house of Mr Ellises. here we lived during the winter and in the spring on the 13 day of martch we mooved in to a house that belonged to hans larson. in the meantime I made a bargin with Mr Jones and Buters for a place they oaned in pine valley on the Provo river for whitch I was to pay them one hundred dollars and about the middel of april with my son Benjamin we comenst to build a house to live in and we also comenst to build a fens a cross the south or lower end of our land. provo river fenst it on the west and a ledge of rocks on the east side. we finished the fens and built the house and in the mean time we lost one of our horses whitch was a great draw back to us for a bout 3 or 4 weeks as we was most of this time hunting it.
On the 8 of May 1889 a Mr. A. J. Stewart a survayer was up survaying some land for Dan Jones and some other parties and I got him to survey my land for me in pine valley and he agreede to make me out a plot of the same for $10.00. I got Dan Jones to go my security for the $10.00 and the next day I saw Stewart and gave him five dollars in cash as part payment for the survay. we lived in brother
larsens house during the summer of 89 and beney and I workt on the house and on the fens and Joseph workt at the mills and in the kanyons and he furnisht us most of the lumber to build the house with and some money and provisions to live on during the summer. my wife was in very delicut helth and with the rest she fell and come near breaking her arm whitch rendered it all most helpless and owing to our circumstances we didnot get mooved in our house during that
summer and 
on the 13 of september our eleventh child was born and we named him Earl.
when the baby was near five weaks old we moved from brother larsons house to bench creek in to a house that belonged to John T. Moore the bishop of the ward. we lived here during the winter. let me here say that when our Father died he left a small piece of a city lot in the 13 ward Salt Lake City. the land was three rods front and 10 back. this of corse was to be divided amongst his children and in the month of December 89 while I was in Salt lake city I made a bargin with my brother Nathan to sell him my interest in our homested for $250 cash dollars and the deede to the 23 akers of land he had promised to let me have on the kamas bench and on the morning of the 18th of December my wife and beney and the babey and myself left home and we went as far as moltens ranch and there we stopt over night with Orson Lee and the next morning we proceeded on our journey as far as Kimbells ranch in parlies park and there my wife and I got on the cars and went in the city and beney brought the team back home. we went down parlies kanyon on the narow gage train. we arived in the city a bout half past seven. it was dark and the streets ware very mudey. we went Hummel Mavers to stop.
20 went and saw my brother Nathan. went to sea my sister Leah Paul. here I met my sister marget miller and we had a very pleasant time. 
21 I got a horse and bugey from nathan and I took my wif to Mr Petes ofice and her and I signed a way our interest in my fathers home to nathan for whitch I received 250 dollars in cash and the deede to 20 akers of land on the kamas bench. my wife went and had seven teeth pulled by Mr Vincent.
22  I went to meeting in the big tabernacle.
23  done some shoping.
24 went to Mr. Comptons.
25 went to Mr Comptons and had my crismas diner.
26 my wife got a set of teeth made by Mr vincent.
27 we started home and came on the Cars by the way of Ogden. we arrived in Park city about 8 43 and met Beney there with the team. he had come to take us home. my wife and I stopt as the Salt Lake house in the Park and beney slept in kimbels barn.
28 came home two bench creek and found the children at home and all well.
29 paid to the woodland tithing office in cash $5.00 and one ham. on the first of January I bought of John T Moone 2 tons of hay for 8 per ton and paid $16.00 cash.
13 I hailed a load of hay from John bensons and got the grist from the mill.
27 January I went to John Smiths and stopt over night.
28 I went to Heber to the grist mill.
29 I went and saw bishop Luke and got a recom from him to be received as members of the woodland ward.
January 1893 30 come home to bench creek and found my wife and the children all well.
Jan 31 went to hurd holar and got a load of wood with beney.
February 7 went to our house in pine valley with beney and we cleaned the house and stopt over night and done some work on the house and came home the next day.
Feb 10 went to pine valley with my wife and we got the stove and came home the same day.
13 went to John Smiths and stopt over night.
14 went from John Smiths to salt lake City and stopt at my brotherinlaws house John Comptons. took the u p train at 4 p m and started home. came round by the way of ogden. arived at park city about 7 at night. my sun beney was there with the team to take me home. we slept that night in Mr. kimbells barn and we started home the next morning. we arived at home in the eavening and found my wife and the children all well.
21 halled a load of wood from hurd holar.
Martch the 1 halled a load of hay from Geo Hansons and paid for it in cash $4 as cash
mar the 3 paid to dan mitchel in cash $20.00 for land on the Kamas bench.
5 to mitchel for land $5.00.
12 I bought of S Gimes hay and paid for it in cash of $4.00.
17 Beney and I comenst to work on the Washington ditch and we workt here until the 13 of April. during this time Joseph workt on the same ditch and he done the choars at Hyrum Roses for his board
11 we left our home on bench creek and we comenst to clear sage brush of our land on the Kamas bench.
12 beney harowed some land for Alec Winter. I pickt sage brush of our land on the kamas bench. I stopt at John Smithes over night and on the mornin 13 I started to go to the city and I walkt as far as the half way house and there I got on the narow gage train at the half way house and went in the city. got in the city 5 p m. I went to my sisters Matilda Comptons. went to sea my sister Leah Danls.
14 I saw my brother nathan and I borrowed fifty dollars in cash of him and I promist to pay it back to him in october. I went to the provision store and bought some seeds and other things.
16 I started home on the narow gage train and road as far as Kimbels ranch in the park. walkt to park city. got my dinner and road as far as davises and walkt as far as John Smithers and I stopt there over night and the next day beney and I pickt up sage brush and cleared rocks of the land.
19 come to the woodland school house atended a water ditch meeting. come home and found my wife and the children all well except the babey.
21 Benjaman and I plowd rocks and sage of the land. I went to Kamas with the team and took my wife and two of the girls hatty and Leah. we done some shoping and went and pickt sage of the land and then come home to bench creek.
23 I started to go to my land on the kamas bench and I got into a fight or rather got whipt by James A Knights. the trouble was over me crossing Knights land. I went and bought of lin pack 5 bushels wheat and sewed it in my land on the Kamas bench.
24 I went before Justice pack and made out a complaint a gainst Knights. he was arested and tried befroe Justice John pack and fined ten dollars and the cost of the court whitch amounted two 24.65. I came home and found my wife and famley all well.
25 was Sunday. myself and Joseph and beney Hatty and lotty and mamie went to meeting. mamie road on the horse behind me and the rest of them walkt .
May the 1 Beney and I went to pine valley and cleaned the house up and chinkt it up and on the 2 we came home and workt the pole tax.
9 beney and I went to pine valley and we found some men on our land. they had started to put up a fens and they forbid me to put my things in my house. they had got the land by frawd and they thought that if I put my things in my house I would soone have my famley on the land and then they would have trouble to get me of the land. they had taken it under the desert act and had purgerd them selvs to get it but after some talk we put our things in the house and then we come home to bench creek. there had been hay cut on the land for years.
May 10 I started to go to salt lake to sea a bout the land in the land ofice.
12 I went to the land oflce and saw Mr. wm Bird who was a land atorney and I stated the case to him. he informed me that they would have to have a plat of the land before they could doe aney thing a bout it. I wrote a leter to Mr A. J. Stewart the man that survayed the land for me a year before and I sent him $5.00 in cash to finish paying him for the survaying of the land. I had paid him five dollars before. I stopt in Salt Lake the 13 and on the 14 I started home. I arived at home a bout 5 p m and found my famley all well.
the 15 I went to Pine valley and I took with me Peter Duncan James Buters and John Jones and Beney. we saw the men that had jumpt my land. they was working on the water ditch that they expected to water the land with. we talkt to them a bout the land and John Jones told them they was trying to rob me out of my land that I had bought from him and Buters and me tried to talk them into the notion of giving up the land but that was no go. they was not willing to give up the land. I informed them that I was going to moove my famley in my house that was on my land and I expected to hold the land. I was expecting to moove the next day. beney went to sea John T. Moone to try and get a team to help us moove. he sent word for me not to moove untill I saw him and I did not moove that day.
may the 16 orson moone died in the morning and in the night a flud came down Provo river and took most of the bridges a way and we could not go to the settlment onely by going a long ways round and climeing over a very hi mountain. on the 17 beney and I started to go to our land on the Kamas bench and we had to come back on acount of the bridges being gon.
may the 19 I went to Kames for the mail. did not get any. 
20 my red cow that I bought from John benson had a calf. it was a spoted stear calf .
21 beney and I started to go to pine valley and we had to climb over a hi mountain to get there as the river was up and the bridges gon. we went to Mr. Roses saw mill whare we expected to find my sun Joseph but Joseph had gone to work on the drive for Dan Jones. we borowed a ax and a saw to go to work on our house with. we workt on the house laid some flore and put up the stove. in the afternoon we had a rain shower and the house leakt like a siv. we slept in the house over night.
22 we proceeded with our work on the house and done some work on the meadow. piled up rocks and brush.
23 we made a door to the house and sowed some grass seede and come home to bench creek. found my famley all well.
26 beney and I took some potatoe seede on the horses and went down to the farm on the kamas bench and we planted potatoes and the next day 27 I workt on the water ditch and beney finisht planting the potatoes and we then came home to bench creek.
28 we plowed a small piece of land on bench creek and put in some garden.
29 Beney and I went to kamas on the horses and I got a letter from Samuel Leaver and one from Mr. Bird in the land ofice and he informed me that they had received a plat of the land that I had surveyed and then I proceeded on my way to Salt Lake city. I road part of the way on a load of lumber and walkt the rest of the way to park city and there I got on the narow gage and went to the city. arived in the city 7 p m
30 was decleration day and the land ofice closed. went to Samuel Leavers house. my daughter Sharlot was there. her helth was very mutch impaired. Lotty and I went down to my sisters Leah Paul and we had a very pleasant visit.
31 brother John Smith and compton and my self went to the land ofice and I made out an afedavid to the efect that I had got a house on the land that I claimed and a fens and there is at least 10 akers of timber on the land and that it would perduce hay in paying quantities without artificial iregation that I had bought the land of the ritful owners had held piecabel pozession of the same for one year and Mr. Law then rote out a notice to Mr. White to apere at the land ofice on the 29 of July.
11 Beney and I went to pine valley and workt and we then wnt back home to bench creek.
17 I mooved my wife and famely from bench creek up to pine valley and I borowed a team from John T. Moone to moove with. the water was up very hi and it was unsafe to cross never the less we ventured. beney road one of our horses a cross the river and he led the other. we had bro moons horses hitcht to the wagon and I had my wife and six of the smallest children in the wagon with me. when we got to the other side of the river while the wagon was in the water the horses stopt and couldnot pull the wagon aney further and the water was splashing a gainst the side of the wagon and we all got a good scare and we was a scart we was all going down the river but thanks to the lord we ware all spaired. brother moone got a nother horse and hitcht on a head of the others and pulled us out. we eat diner at bro moones and proceeded on our Journey and we reatcht pine valley in good time in the arternoone and was wanst more in a house of our own but it was on land that was in litigation. we repaired our house and fixt it up and made it fit to dwell in and then we done some work chopping up ties on the bank of the river for H. O. young.
July the 29 I got my witnesses to go in to attend the trial to the land ofice and I recieved a leter from bird and Lane statieing that the trial was put of untill the 8 of september and I then turned round and came home and on the first of augist beney and I went to Kamas and hunted a job or work and we went to work for Mr Pete Peterson. we workt in the hay field. we workt here for a few days and we then come home and I went to work to put up my oan house in pine valley. I hierd John Peterson to cut my hay and I went to work for him to pay for the cuting. when the haying was over we went to work on our own land in pine valley and we built some fens and daubd the house in side and put a shingel roof on the house and built a barn 16 by 30 feete and I workt some an a house that was Just abov ours being built for John W. Young's tie camp.
on the 23 of september was the day apointed for our trial and when the day came I recieved a leter from Bird and Lane stating that the trial was put of untill the 8 of december. I went down as far as John Smith's on the 8 of December and recieved word from bird and lane stateing that the trial was put of untill february 23. I then turned around and came home and I workt here during the fall and Beney workt some on the railroad and Joseph is working at the sawmill.
on the 10 of december david and I went down to bench creek to get a stear whitch we had running out there on the raing and we had a hard ride and considerabel runing to get him but we finely succeeded and got him home to pine valley and a bout the 12 of december we butcherd him for beefe. in a short time afterwards brother John T moone came up to our house and he brought two men for us to board. they was going to put up a comesary building for John W. Youngs tie camp. we boarded the men until the building was completed which was a bout the midel of December. I will here say that these men behaved as purfect gentelmen while stoping at my house. when the house was completed I took the men in my wagon and took them to Park city. I stopt there over night and in the morning I came back as far as John Smiths and stopt there over night and the next day I came home found my famley all well. I stopt at home most of the winter and on christmas my famley was all at home. Hatty went down to Bishop Moons mill and took dinner with John T. Moone and his famley. Joseph and benjamin went to woodland to a dans in the eavening.
January the 1 1891 I went to a dans down to woodlan. Took my wife and my daughter Hariet Ellen. we had a very pleasant time and we had our babey with us. we come home after the dans. the night was very cold we started a fire and coming out of the cold into the warm caused hatty to faint away. here we stopt at home for a while.
a bout the midel of January we got the scarlet fever in our famley and had a very serious time with it. the children from Leah down to the babey some of them was very sick even unto death. William who was next to the youngest was the first to take the deseas and after wards there was 5 others of our youngest come down with the same deseas and we had a serious time with them. they all recovered except the babey Earl who was a little puney babey and cutting his teeth and with the deseas and cuting his teeth it was more than he could stand and on the first of april a bout 11 oclock he breathed his last and we bueried him in the kamas grave yard.
the trial over my land in pine valley was set for the 22 Febuary and at this time our babey was lieing at the point of death and when the time came for me to go in to the trial he was a little beter and my wife consented for me to go in to the triall and so I went the trial. lasted a bout 4 days.
after the trial was over I atended to some buisness in the city and come home to pine valley. the snow was very deepe. Bro Moone and his sone John came from their mill a head of me. they had a sleigh and 4 horses and broke the road a head of me or I hardley know how I would have got home as I had a serious time. as it was the snow was up to the horses sides never the less I reacht home all write. found my wife and famley all well except our babey Earl and he was very sick and waisted away all most to nothing. this winter has beene a very serious one. 1891 a deseas made its apearinc known as Lagripp or gripp as it is comonley calld. we would have the head ache and become chilly and be sick to our stomachs a sevear back ache and turn very yellow and in many families there is hardley enough well to doe the chores and to wait on the rest of the famley.
April 1891 we comenst to break up some land on the Kamas Bench. Joseph and myself and Benjaman and we plowed and broke up a bout 6 acres and we put in 5 and a half akers of wheat and a half aker of potatoes. we put the potatoes in the early part of may. when we got through beney and I took the team and the wagon and started to go to our home in pine valley. we came up beaver kanyon and on the way home we broke our wagon down and proceede on our way untill we got nearly to provoe river when the wagon broke down again and this time it was so badly broken that we was forst to leave it and come home a horse back. the river was up very hi and we hardley knew whether to venture or not but we finally made up our minds we would try it. I bairly got a cross with my self and my horse. Beney and his horse was taken down the stream and as I got nearly across to the other side I lookt around and saw my dear boy and his horse going down the stream.
my feelings at this time are easier emagend than described for the water was foaming and raging and I wondered if I would ever see my dear boy a gain but thanks to the lord he was spaired and he and his horse was washt to the same side they started in. by this time the dog barkt and my wife and children came down to the river and we told beney to go down to Mr. Moons mill and stop over night and he did so or rather he went to bench creek and stopt there over night. I told him I would come down after him but he did not wait. he came by the way of the south fork and I never was glader to sea him in my life than I was that morning. I went down to the Joneses to cros the river and my wife was so anxious a bout me crossing the river that she thought she must go and sea me safe a cross the river. the distans was two miles and she got on a horse bare backt and roed down there and back. she had not beene on a horse before for a bout 25 years. this quite an adventure for a big fat woman of her age. She weighed a bout 170 pounds.
beney arived at home the next morning about 11 a m and we was very glad to sea him. during this time Joseph was working at the saw mill to pay for a loging outfit he had bought of Hyrum Rose. we lived here in pine valley during the summer a while. my wife and myself was crossing the river in our wagon and of the tugs to the harness broke loose and we got a very bad scare but by a little exertion and a little help from Mr Miklsel who hapend a long while we was here in this position managed to get the harness fixt up and we got out without aney serious axident. 
in July Beney and I went to work for John Smith to help him put up his lucern and in august we helpt him with his hay on the meadow and he came up to our place in pine valley and cut our hay and after the hay was up we went to work to build us a log grainerey and we did not get it finisht until late in october. my job of thrashing was the last to be done except one in the valley. a bout the midel of november Joseph finisht paying Mr. Rose for his catel and the outfit whitch he had bought from him in the spring whitch cost $300 dollars. when our grain was thrasht we had 139 . the largest crop I have ever raised on my own land.
on the forth of november 1891 I started from our home in pine valley with my daughter Charlott to go to Salt Lake city. we went as far as William Kimbells place in the park and we stopt with Hans O. Young and he treeted us very kindly and he charged us nothing for the accomodation. the next morning I hitcht up my team and drove into the city. I stopt at my sisters house Mrs. Tilda Comptons. I stopt in the city two or three days and then I returned home again and I left Charlott in the city to work out and I returned to my home in pine valley. found my wife and the children all well.
we lived here during the winter and most of my famley was at home. Sharlott stopt in the city untill a bout the fore part of February 1892. I hitcht up my team and went to the park and I telephoned to the the city to my brotherinlaw Samual Leaver have Sharlott come out on the stage and she came out on roatches stage. she arrived in park City at 4 p m. I then hitcht up my team and started home and we came as far as John Smiths and stopt there over night and they treated us very kindley and the next day lotty and I went home to pine valley. found my wife and children well on the 26 day of December whitch day was Saturday. 
Mrs. Neibaur and I left our home in pine valley and we came down to woodland to sea bro Larson as we expected him to start the next morning to mexico to the place whare our daught;er Hariet was and we wanted to send her some presents. we came as far as Kamas as we could not get the things we wanted in woodland. the day was very stormey and cold. we went to bro Dan Mitchels and askt them if they could keepe us over night.
December 26 we stopt at bro Mitvhels.
27 the morning was stormey and cold. I hitcht up my team and my wife and I started home. we stopt at bro larsons to sea if he was going to mexico. to our great surprise he was not but his sun John and sister Elizabeth was and Mrs. Neibaur gave them a few things to take to our daughter hatty and my wife and I then came to our home in pine valley. we stopt at Robert Joneses and got some dinner and got home about 3 p m.
I made up my mind that I would send my ohildren to the south Kamas school and I set to get them down to live in the grainerey while they went to school in february. a bout the 15 beney and I went up to the lakes to get a stove whitch had been given to him by a Mr John Simson. we started from home in pine valley in the morning and went as far as the tie camp and campt with the tie men and the next day we took our hand sleigh whitch we had prepaired for the occasion and went on foot with our sleigh to the Lakes near the head of the Provo river whare the men had been working. we got to the cabin a bout 11 a m and got the stove on the sleigh and started for home and had a very hard work to get along at all. we got within a bout a mile of whare our horses and sleigh was and we was so tiard and near give out that we had to leave our sleigh and stove and go to camp without them. the next morning we was up and after them in good time And got some diner and fed our horses and started home in good time.
in the afternoon we brought the stove down and put it in our grainery and comenst to prepare to move the grainery on our own land a distance of 80 rods. we comenst to moove the grainerey by raising it up. took the blocks out from under and let down on poles or logs and hitcht a yoak of oxeon on it and the first day we mooved it about 10 rods and the next day we tried it again and we got it a little further and on the 3 day we got it to whare we wanted it and we then put the blocks under it and daubed it up and put the stove up and beney and I went home to pine valley. I got 4 of my children and brought them down and on the ? of March they started to go to school. they were Benjeman Leah Mary Elizabeth and David.
By this time Joseph had got through working for Mr Rose and I got him to come down to Kamas and try to rent a house for us to live in. he engaged a house of Bro Dan Lambert a house belonging to sister young and on the 5 of march we comenst to prepare to moove. on the 6 Beney drove the cows and calves from pine valley down to the grainrey and Joseph hitcht up his oxon and he borowed unkel Johns wagon and came as far as Robert Joneses and he left his catel and wagon there over night. I hitcht my team on the sleigh and brought a load of our household goods down and put them in Josephs wagon.
martch 7 we loaded the rest of our goods my wife and 4 of the children in the sleigh and started to moove to Kamas. we got down as far as Robert Joneses and then Joseph took his oan team and part of our load and we came on doen the road a bout a mile and I come very near tiping the sleigh over so near that I had to stop and get my wife out of the sleigh and stand on the runer to keepe it from going over. we then continued our Journey untill we got nearly to moons mill when we a gain tipt quite over with my wife and 3 of the children in the sleigh but luckley none of us was hurt. my wife and my self lit on our feete and the onley damage that was done three of the drawers was broke of the sewing machien. we then unloaded our goods by the side of the road and I went down to the sawmill and borowed a wagon from William Moon and we loaded our things in the wagon and we a gain started on our journey to Kamas. I got stalled comeing up the dugway on to bench creek. Joseph hitcht his catel on a head of my horses and puled us up the hill. the roads were very soft and mud and slush all the way. we came a long very well untill we got down near Jed wooders and there the road was very soft and I got stalled twice and Joseph had to hitch his catel on a head of the horses and pull the wagon out of the mud. we stopt at Mr Paces store and done some trading. we arived at our grainery in the afternoone a bout 5 p m. school was out and the children was at home and we all slep in our grainery that night. 
march the 8 We come to kamas and then Joseph took his team and went to the granerey. I helpt maw and Lotty to straiten up the house.
9 I stopt at home.
10 helpt Joseph hall a load of hay from John Smiths to Kamas.
11 beney and I went to pine valley. we took the wagon home that we had borowed at the mill and hitcht on the sleigh and went to our home in pine valley. we had 2 old wagons of our own but there was a wheal of each wagon broke down. we went to work and mended the wheal of the light wagon and set the tier and got all that we could ready to start.
12 got up early in the morning. tied the legs of the 4 pigs whitch we had went after. loaded them in the wagon and started home before the sun rise come on the snow as there was sleighing as far as Joneses. arived at home in the evening with the pigs and a few other articels we had brought down with us.
14 we fixt up our plow and beney and I plowed a few furows to try the plow and sea if it would plow all write.
15 fixt a plow up for joseph one whitch he had borowed. he plowed a few furows and broke the plow. we took it to the shop and had it meended and on the 17 we went to work and tried it again. plowed a few rounds when the plow struck a rock and broke again. I put it in my wagon and started to kamas. had gone but a short distence when I met my nephew. he informed me that my wife was sick and they wanted me at home. I came through Kamas with my horses on the run. my wife had sent for sister russel and she arrived at my house shortly after I got there myself a bout 3 p m and
at 7:15 our daughter JANE NEIBAUR was born.
the people of the laterday saints was selebrating this day it being the 50 year sins the first relier society was orgenised by the prophet Joseph Smith.
18 Beney comenst to plow with the horses and we plowed a very little each day when the weather would permit. on the night of the last of march the babey was very sick with a cold on her lungs and on the first of april I blest her and gave her the name of Jane. Aperil the first lotty got a april fool on Joseph by telling him that one of the cows was sick and that I wanted him to come and put some medison down her. he was in bed and jumpt up in a hurey and got a bout half dresst when his mother told him it was the first of april. joseph was very much mortified and went back to bed. 
3 april Sunday. 4 of the children went to meeting in the kamas tithing office.
4 Beney and I went down to James Davis's meadow and got a load of hay in the wagon bed. the wether was very stormey and bad.
5 Beney and I went over to John Smiths and got a load of lucern. went to the granery and got a sack of flower and a sack of potatoes. went to Mr Potses store in woodland and took with me my three smalles boys . They were David Irwin and willey. we bought some dishes some fruit and a hat a piece for 3 boys and they come home feeling very proud.
7 Beney and I went to James Davises meadow and got a load of hay.
8 and 9 stormey so that we could not plow.
10 at home in the morning and all well. Joseph took the shot gun and went to hunt chickins and the gun kickt him and laimed his arm so that he could not work on monday morning and he went and bought a yak of oxon of Wm Russel and paid him one hundred dollars for them or rather a greed to by a sirten day.
13 in the evening Beney and I got in the wagon and I took him out to work on the ditch. I took him as far as Jed Woodards. he walkt from there over to woodland and he went to mutual that night and then he stopt with Mr. Ketchum and the next day he workt on the ditch to finish paying up our ditch tax. after I left beney at mr woodards I went down to my grainery and stopt there over night.
Aperil 11 I hitcht the horses on to the plow and plowed with them all day.
12 snowed nearly all day and we couldnot plow and the 2 boys and myself come home.
13 the storm cleared and we went back to the grainerey.
14 we finisht up the plowing.
15 I vitreld some sheat and sewed a bout 8 akers and Joseph harowed it in with his oxon and in the eavening Joseph and beney took the horses and come to kamas to go to a dans in Carpenters hall. beney went to George Packs store and bought him a new pair of shoes. I stopt at the farm and harowed wheat with the oxon.
16 the boys come to the farm to whare I was a bout 11 a m and we finisht puting in the wheat. a bout 11 akers. Joseph went down to unkel John Smiths and took his oxon whitch he had sold to parl neeley and he was to deliver them. the next day beney and I come home to kamas.
17 Beney and I went after a load of hay to Davises meadow.
18 monday I sewed some grass seede on the farm and beney harowed it in with the horses. the day was very cold and the wind from the north snowed part of the day.
19 beney and I workt on the ditch at the head of Abe Hunters land to get the water on our farm. on the 19 we workt on the same ditch.
23 we took the team and went to our home in pine valley. we found the doors weare boath unlockt and the window had been raised but we did not miss aney thing from the house. there had beene a bout a half of a ton of hay taken from the barn. we stopt here a bout two hours and then returned to our grainerey and stopt there over night.
21 we went home to kamas. found Mrs. Neibaur and the children well.
22 nothing perticular doeing.
23 sunday my wife and myself and some of the children went to the night meeting. our babey was about 5 weaks old. while we ware in meeting it comenst to rain. when we come out of the meeting still raining and as dark as pitch and we had to almost feele our way home and my wife grumbeld considerabel and expected it would kill her quite but she lived through it and it did not hurt her.
24 we packt up our household goods and got ready to moove. I got a team from Phineous Young to moove with.
25 we started from kamas a bout 9:33 a m moving very fast and it snowed on us all the way to pine valley. the distans was a bout 18 miles. the roads was very wet and mudey. I got stuck in the mud on bench creek and I borowed a team of the man that was helping me to moove and I workt them the rest of the way to pine valley. we arived at home a bout 333 p m. when we got a bout 2 miles from kamas my wagon come near breaking down and I borowed a wagon from Mr Strasbure to continue our journey with. beney drove the cows and calves and walkt most all of the way with all of the ahtticels and the rough wether. thanks to the lord we got through all write without aney serious axident.
26 beney and I went to the grainerey and stopt over night.
27 we hitcht up the team and went to kames. got our hogs and come home to
pine valley. stopt at home until the first of may.
May the first was a day the President Wilford Woodruff called on the peopel to fast and pray and thank the lord for the blessings whitcht he had bestowed upon them and ask for a continuation of the same unto them. myself and famley except the smallest kep the fast in the morning. we hitched up the team and went down to the grainrey and stopt there over night.
may the 2 lotty beney and leah went to a sheete and pilow case dans in kamas. beney and I workt on our water ditch at the head of hunters land. stormed most all day.
3 very stormey. beney and I plowed up a small piece of land for a garden. so stormey and windey we couldnot put in garden.
4 we come home to pine valley. about 4 inches of snow in the morning. thursday and fast day. hunted for the cows and workt on the pig pen.
8 I went down to the grainery 
9 I went to George Packs store and tried to get some flour on credit as we was out at home. i could not get it. I then went down to Mr Stephens grist mill and tried to get him to let me have some flour on credit. I was out of flour and out of money but he refused and would not let me have it. I had a bout one bushel and a half of wheat whitcht I exchanged at the mill for flour and I then come home to pine valley. I traveld a bout 38 miles to get us 40 lbs of flour. I went home the same day. arived at home at 9 p m.
10 mended up the lite wagon. put 2 spokes in the wheel and set the tier.
11 Lotty and I started to the city. got to the grainerey. we heard that the rods was very bad and we backt out from going.
12 was very stormey all the forenoone and in the afternoone we come home to pine valley.
13 we got some post down of the hill.
14 chopt some holes on the bank of the river for Mr. Williams.
15 Sunday. beney and I set the wagon tier.
16 I went down to the grainerey and took with me 4 of the children beney leah mamey and David. we was out of flour at home and did not have any to take with us. I tried to borow some but I could not. I went to John Smithses and borowed a few pounds of flour.
17 I tried to borow some flour of the neighbors. I could not get it. Mr. keeler come a long on the road to park city. I askt him if I could ride to the park with him he said I could. I left the children at the grainrey and went to the park with Mr keeler. beney went to work on the water ditch for John Smith. I had a order in my pocket for $95. it was on G. C. Kider one that Joseph had left for his mother. I thought I could get some money on the order but I could not as the order was not due untill July the 20. I then got Mr. Kider to sign his name to the order and I sold the order to the Bank and lost three dollars on it. I got the money and come back to the grainrey to whare the children ware. I got home a bout 8 pm.
18 Beney and I workt on the ditch for John Smith.
19 Beney plowed a piece of land to plant potatoes on and I put in some garding and helpt the children cut potato.
May 20 myself and the children went to kamas and beney workt on the water ditch. we done some swaping and bought three hundred and 50 lbs of flower.
21 beney plowed the land.
22 we planted potatoes and on the 23 we come home to pine valley.
 (erer in dates) Saturday
22 we come home to pine valley
22 Sunday. we all stopt at home. in the after noone we took a ride up to the point. Lotty and leah went to Bob Joneses.
23 Lotty Leah and I left home in pine valley and we started to go to salt lake. we went down as far as the grainrey and stopt there over night. I bought some potaotes of John Smith. we cut some sets of them to plant.
24 tuesday we finisht cuting the sets and then went and finisht planting the potatoes and continued our Journey as far as ross holowe whare we stopt for noone. turned the horses out and ate our diner. hitcht up the team and continued our journey as far as andersons in the park.
25 wednesday stopt at andersons over night.
26 continued our Journey to the city. arived in the city about 4 p m. stopt at my sister matilda Comptons. found tilda and family all well. Leah and I went to sister marey Seavers and stopt there over night.
27 and 28 stopt in the city and done a little trading.
29 Leah and I started home. come as far as andersons.
30 come to the grainrey. found Beney at the grainerey.
31 built some pens and come home to pine valley. I found my wife and the children all well.
June the 1 Beney and I chopt posts.
2 we took the horses and snakt out the posts.
3 chopt and got out posts.
June the 5 Mrs Neibaur went in the barn and found the horse whitch I had of Mr Joneses very sick. we got her out and dockterd her up and she continued to get worse and beney and I took her home to Mr. joneses and she died a bout 3 p m. this left us again without a team .
June the 6 Beney and I workt and helpt to put in a bridge at Jonses crossing.
7 Beney and I took the horse and went down to the grainerey watered the lucern. built some pens stopt there a few days. Unkel John furowed out the wheat for us and we come home to pine valley. we made a bargin with Carl wilkins for a horse for whitch we was to doe some work on the ditch to the amount of $25 dollars. on the 11 of June Beney and I comenst to work on the ditch and we and we workt untill we finisht paying up for the horse whitch took us 6 days.
18 we had no flour in the house and we hitcht up the new horse and I left my wife and the children without a bite of breakfast and I went to kamas and come back with one hundred of flour. got home a bout 7 pm. I left beney at the grainery to doe some work on the farm.
23 I went to kamas with some young pigs for sale. sold five of them and brought one back home.
21 Beney comenst to work for terey hallet. I stopt at home.
25 my wife and I the 3 smallest boys and the baby took a ride in the wagon up around the point and I chopt some seder posts and took them down home with me. I chopt some posts just below the point.
June the 29 I received a notice from burt White to vacate the premises held by me whitch I had bought of Jones and Butters for one hundred dollars. he White claimed that he had bought the property of J G Lamburt and he informed me that he had sold the property to White. I was to vacate by the 6 of July or white said he would take legal procedings a gainst me for posession of the place. my wife and I went down and throwed down the lower fens to let the cattle in to eat up the hay that white could not get it.
30 White and wilkins come up and comenst to put the fens up and I come down to whare they was I had a talk with white. I told him that I would not give up the premises without a suit and after some talk we concluded to acomplemise and I was to have the things whitch I had put on the land and white was to have the land and I was to be of the land by the 6 of July.
July 2 i took the team and went up as far as the dry wash to get beney. he was working on the drive for Terey Hallet. we come down and prepared to move. I hierd a team from Mr. Hallet and on the 6 of July Beney and David took three of our catel up to soapstone and put them in hallets hurd and Mrs. Neibaur and the children and myself and the children pacht up our household goods and got ready to move. but we got uneasy a bout the boys and I went up as far as the dry wash and met the boys comeing back. we hitcht up and left our home in pine Valley and come down to liv in our grainery a building a bout 12 by 14 feete. we got to the grainery just at dark. the lucern was a bout 2 feete hi. the garden looked lovely and the crops lookt very promising.
7 Beney and I took our team and hallets horses and went back to pine valley to get the hogs that we had left there. we got there just at dusk. White had throan our barn down and had comenst to pull the shingels of the house we turned our horses out and we slept in our house that night.
8 we got up early in the morning and had a long hunt for the horses and we finally found them and we loaded our hogs in and come home.
July the 9 Beney comenst to hall rocks to build the foundation to our house. he halled four loads and in the meantime I was watering the wheat and tending the farm. 
about the later part of July I comenst to lay the foundation to the house and about the 15 of august I comenst to get the house logs whitch I bought of John carpinter and a bout the first of September I comenst to build the house. the logs ware four inches thick.
Let me here note that previous to my starting to lay the foundation to the house I called my wife and the children who was at home and we dedecated the ground whitch the house was to stand on to the name of the lord and askt him to let his blessings be upon it.
I built the foundation with my own hands and alltho it was the first job of mason work I had ever done I got a long with it very well but as I had considerable work to doe besides it took me quite a length of time to finish it and I then comenst to put up the logs and they was a nother ne under taking as I was not a carpinter and had not done but very little carpinter work in my life never the less I proceeded and I built the house (28 feete long and 14 feete wide) up as far as I could conveaniantley put the logs up. the logs was 4 inches thick and 8 inches wide. then Beney come home and helpt me finisht puting up the logs whitch was accomplisht a bout the 10 of november. 
in the mean time we tended to the farm halled and thrast the wheat got up the potatoes halled some lumber and logs from pine valley and halled hay when the house was up to the square. I had not got the shingels to cover it and on the 19 of november I hitcht up the team and went over to wide hollow a bout two and a half miles south of heber city and I saw Charles Thacher the man who made and sold shingels. I arived at Mr. Thachers house a bout sundown and I told him my buisness that I had come to him for some shingels and I agreed to pay him for the shingels by the 25 of December either the cash or I was to let him have a young cow that we had raised and so Mr Thacher agreed to let me have the shingels. I stopt with him over night and we spent a very pleasant eavening and in the morning of november 20 we loaded 7000 shingels in my wagon and a bout 9 oclock in the morning I started home. I arived at home a bout 4 p m and in a bout an hour after I got home my son Joseph arived at home he beene absent sins the 2nd of may nearly 6 months. this sirtenly was a very pleasant meeting for us all.
21 beney and I comenst to put the roof on the house.
22 Jospeh helpt us two days on the house and then he went to work for Mr. Rease. we put the roof in the house. laid the flore. put the doors and windows in and during the time we had some very stormey wether so that we could not work all of the time. we workt a lone and a bout the 15 December we comenst to daub the cracks up in the house and just at this time Joseph come home with his toe cut. he was choking a log when the ax caught on a lim and it turned the ax and it struck in his big toe and shlit it nearly to the first joint.
Dec the 20 we moved in to our new house all tho it was not near finished. we continued to work a long a little each day as we could.
22 I hitcht up the team and went to park city to get my daughter lotty. she had beene in the city sins the 25 of may. I left home in the morning a bout 7 am. I arived in park city a bout 10.30 am. Lotty came out on the train and the train was behind time and I had to wait at the depo for nearley an hour but I met Lotty there and it was a very happy meeteine for boath of us. we started home and arrived there at 2 p m and then we ware all at home wonst more except hatty and she is in mexico. Joseph was home with his toe cut and on crutches.
24 all at home and spent a very pleasant day.
25 was hatties birthday. we had a very poor cristmas but a very happy one and enjoyed our cristmas diner. this was sunday and there was no recreation.
26 there was a dans for the children and some of ours could not go because they had no good clothes. the largest children went to the dans at night.
27 all well and had a good sleepe. in the morning got breakfast and at our regular daily avocations.
30 beney and I started to heber City with the cow that I had a greed to let charles thacher have for the shingels. I went as far as John John Butrils with Benjeman and the cow went a long so niceley we concluded there was no use of boath of us going aney further and so I turned round and come home and beney went on to heber and put the cow in Mark Jeffs corell. he got some oats to feede his horse and some diner for himself and then come home. arived at home at 7 p m. stopt at home the rest of the weak and workt on the house.
January the 1, 1893 at home and all well.
January 3 Beney and I went to pine valley with the team to comense to hall our log barn. the barn had beene thrown down in the summer time by a man by the name of white. the same man that had jumpt my land from me in pine valley and the logs and lumber was scaterd in a bad condition and the snow was 2 feete deepe and we had to work nearly all day to get our load out and we came home with a load of logs and very tierd.
Ja the 4 we went to pine valley with two teams and came home with 2 loads of logs.
5 we commenst to lay the foundation for the barn we laid the foundation and laid the logs up as we halld them by the 16 we got the barn up to the square and hailed some straw and put on the barn.
January the 19 I workt on the barn and put the doore up.
20 Beney went to pine valley alone and got a load of Logs and I stopt at home to work.
21 beney got a load of logs and come as far as Joneses and broke one of the ---- down and come home without a load.
22 Sunday our son Joseph come to the doore in the morning before we was up. he was on his road to the park with a load of lumber. he is driving team for Hyrum Rose. I went down to John Smiths and had a visit and sung some songs with the school teacher and Rachel and nelley.
January 23 I stopt at home and partley put a beam in the sleigh and Bebey comenst to go to school and I finisht putting the beam on the sleigh.
24 I took the team and went up as far as Joneses and got the load of barn logs that Beney had broke down with.
25 seven of our children ware going to school. beney and I put one log up on the barn before breakfast. my wife got the childrens diner put up and got them of to school in good time.
23 I stopt at home and done some work on the barn.
27 at home working around home.
28 Saturday. stopt at home and workt on the barn. while I was fiting a log for the barn my ax caught on the side of the barn and it turned the ax and I chopt quite a gash in my left big toe. my wife had to tie my toe up and dockter it and tend to it for me.
29 some of the children went to sunday school. some couldn't go on account of sickness. William was very sick with a fever.
30 Beney got ready to go to the grist mill and put it of on account of the storm.
it snowed and rained a blowed all day and at night. it rainde and snowed and blowed and was one of the wildist nights I ever saw. our house shook and trembeld. the roof blew of John Ritchesons log barn. the lightning flasht and the thunder roared.
31 was clear and cold. the winds blew from the north. beney and I halled a load of hay from John Ritchesons.
1 February beney went to weber to the grist mill with a grist. the day was cold and the wind was from the north.
2 beney went to school. I took them up in the sleigh. Lotty and Leah had a rumpus in the morning otherwise all was quiet .
sunday the 5 some of our children went to sunday school.
6 I atended a ditch meeting of the Washington ditch company held in the woodland log school house. after atending the meeting I went and saw Samuel Gimes and made a barein with him for a tun of hay for whitch I was to pay him $750 by the following June pay day.
Feb the 8 Beney and I halled a load of hay from Mr. S. Gimeses. Joseph com home to stop with us for a few days and he had quit work.
Feb the 8 the day was two stormey to hall a load of hay. stopt at home and workt.
9 Joseph and I halled a load of hay from Samuel Gimeses. Joseph and lotty went to a barn dans in Carpenters hall. they had a very good time. they come home at 2 a.m.
10 the day was cold and stormey.
11 I atended a ditch meeting in the school house. we atended to the buisness of the meeting and excepted of some of the bylaws and had a very pleasant time and a Journed and went to our sevral places of aboad.
sunday the 12 all at home except hatty. we had a call from my sister Bertha and her family. they was on the way to hav a viset with ellen smith and her famley.
17 I went to pine valley and I broke the road through the snow whare it was up to the horses sides for over a mile. I got as far as my fens and come home.
18 Joseph and I put some logs on our barn.
19 was Sunday. all at home and well.
20 Joseph and I slaughtered a hog.
21 I cut the hog up and saulted it down. the wether is very cold and no work except the chores round the house and rather hard times.
February the 22 1893 Joseph and I halled two loads of hay from John Smith's
26 my wife and and lotty and Mamey went to mutual to Kamas and we had a very good meting and a pleasant time. we had a viset from my sister Birtha and her famley and we had a very pleasant time.
Martch the 1 at home.
the 2 kep the fast day and went to meeting to kamas.
the 3 three of the children went to kamas to a dans. they come home in the morning at 4 a m on the ~ of martch. Presedent Cleavlin took his seat as president of the united states. he is a Democratic president.
sunday all at home and well. Beney and Joseph went a hunting rabits.
11 Joseph and leah maw and I went to a Niger minstrel shoe. it was the worst bilk of a shoe I ever saw in my life. at home all the weak. the wether was very stormey and not mutch work done except a litle on the stabel.
Martch the 17 our babey Janes birthday. maw and Joseph and Lotty and leah went to the dans in carpenters hall. I stopt at home with the babey and she cried and I could not keepe her still. they come home at 4 in the morning. on the 16 of martch I got a wagon full of hay from Charles Woodard.
22 of martch I Bought a load of hay from Bishop S. F. Atwood.
24 Beney and I halled a load of hay from S F atwood.
26 Sunday. maw and I and fore of the children went to kamas to a meeting in the eavenine. I stopt at kamas over night and I slept at my sisters Birthies with Fred Brind.
27 was Monday. I started to the city with the kamas mail carier Daniel Lewis. we left kamas at 7 a m and arived in Park City at 11 a m. went down to the utah centeral depo and was informed that the train was snow bound but they thought the train would be in that night. I went down again at night and the train had not got in yet. that night I slept in Mr Pierces barn with Wm Pace.
28 I got up in the morning a bout 6 a m. the train had not come in yet. I started to the city on foot and a loan got as far as galgarza and I stopt there and got my breakfast as I had not had any in the morning before I left park city. the distans I walkt was nine miles. the snow 3 ft deepe. I traveld a long the railroad track all of the way. the snow was crusted enough to hold me up. the cars had got within a half of a mile of galgarza. when I got there I was informed by the road master that they was going to park city before they returned to the city and so I trudged on very tired and walkt as far as the next railroad station and there I stopt to rest for a few minets. there was a inglish woman there and a girl. I should think the girl was 13 or 14 years old. they ware very unkind and not atall sociabel they didn't ask me in nor eaven to sit down nor ofer me a chair out side after I had told them how far I had walkt and how tiard I was. I askt the lady if she could furnish me a bed and they hardley gave me a satisfactory answer but
said it would be a very poor one if they did. I stopt a few minutes to get rested and then I started to go down as far as Boatches and when I got up to go I could hardly straiten up I was so tiard but I got down to Boatches. I was treated kindly and made welcome to the house. I got some supper and just as I finisht my super I heard the whistel blow and the train was comeing I paid Mr Roatch 25 cents for my super and I had to hurey up the hill to catch the train. I got on the train. paid the conductor $1.05 for my fair in the city and we got in the city at 10 Oclock at night. I slep that night at my sister Tildies.
29 got up at 6.30 in the morning. got breakfast at tildies. went round to Samuel Leavers. found he and his famley all well.
30 was apointed for a fast day for the saints to fast and pray and to meete together and bear their testimoney of the goodnes of the lord towards them. I fasted with my sister Tilda and her famley. we atended meeting in the 13 ward in Salt lake city. we had a very good meeting. I had a visit with my sisterinlaw Mary Leaver and my sister Mary Paul. hierd out to my brotherlnlaw Samuel Leaver to go to work at saultair. the wages was 25 cts per hour.
31 I went to saultair and comenst to work and put in 3 hours work. slep that night in the bosses tent.
Aperil the 1 I workt ten hours and a half.
8 was saterday and I went to the city on the cars and returned on the 12. I workt on the pavilion. on the 2 my brotherlnlaw Samuel Leaver come to me and askt me how I would like the job of being night watchman. I told him I thought I would like it very well and I took the job and went on for night watchman.
5 the night was very windey and I thoueht the roof was going of the house I was stoping in. the day was so rough and windey the men could not work. I went out and come back again.
7 on watch.
8 I come in the city got an order from my brotherinlaw Samuel Leaver for $10. went to the ofice and got my money. went to sea my sisterlnlaw Marey Leaver. had a pleasant visit. went to sea my sister Tilda Larden. got super there and went in town and bought me some clothes hat pants and shirt. 
8 I slep at aunt maries house.
9 I got up in the morning before the rest of the folkes. went round to the south west corner of the tempel block and there I met Ward E Pack and Sister Carpenter. we stopt and talked a few minets and I then went to tildies for breakfast. we went to meeting in the 13 ward. had a very good meeting
10 I got left by the train and had to stop in the city. Mrs Leaver gave me a second coat and vest. I stopt in the city on monday and tuesday slept at tlldies and on wednesday morning Hozanah to God and the Lamb I had the privleg of going to the dedi cation of the Salt Lake Temple. the dedicatoral prsir was oferd by Abram H Canon and afterwards there was several of the bretheren spoke to the congregation and they blest the saints with the greatest blessings I have ever heard the saints get. bro Woodruf spoke with the rest of the bretheren.
I went to the tempel at 8 a m. we come out at 12 and I went to the pavilion at Salt lake and I went on night watch. I stood night watch up to the 16 and on the 17 I took the train and went to the city. I met my wife and babey at my sister Tildies. we had a happy meting and a pleasant time. we then went to the dentists to get my wifes teeth fixt and we then went on main street and bought the babey some shoes and then went to Samuel Leavers and we stopt there over night.
18 we got breakfast at Mrs Leavers. I went round to Tildies and got my dirty clothes for my wife to wash. on the 18 I took the train and went to the pavillion and went on night watch. on the 29 I had a man with me on the night watch and I received payment in full for my wages.
May the 1 still at the pavillion.
23 was very blustery and stormey.
29 I got a letter from my wife and two of the girls stateing that my wife and the babey had got home all write and I answered it on the 30.
may the 1 was very stormey.
6 was Sunday. went in the city. returned on the 8 and went on the night watch.
13 I received of the Pavillion co $22 check on the Deseret bank.
May the 20 I was in the city met my brother nathan and we done some runing round together. I went to the telephone of ice and talkt to my wife and my son Joseph. they ware in Kamas. they ware all well at home. I could tell by the sound of my wifes voice that her teeth did not fit her mouth. I went to the post ofice and put $12.00 in a leter and redgersterd it and sent it to my wife and famley. went round to Leavers. changed my clothes. got some diner and I got on the cars at 6 east streete and went to the pavillion. aunt Marey was there.
23 I got my breakfast at Miss Reads two old maids that were keeping boarders. at the Salt Lake beach two rafts got a way at the pavillion and the wind took them nearley to garfield beach. so stormey and windey the men didnot work and I didnot get much sleepe through the day.
26 on night watch. I laid down on a board and went to sleepe and dreamed that I was home with my wife and famley. I saw my wife very sick pale thin and waisted. I thought the girls had got her up to make her bed. I come in the house and her feete and legs ware bare up as far as her knees. I said maw have they left you uncovered. she said Lotty had gon to get a sheete to pu on the bed. I comenst to rush around to get a quilt to cover her up with and in my excitement I awoke and amedialey all the sleepe had left my eyes and it didnt return any more that night. I said I hope there is no truth in the dream. 
May the 30 I got on the tender north of the locomotive at Saltaire beach to go to the city in companey with several other men. went up as far as 6 west and walkt from there to leaver and conrads of ice. got my check there. went to Leavers house from there. I went to tildies. got my diner and did not get time to change my clothes or have a bath and I thought I had some companey that I would be glad to get rid of. I got on the streete car and went to the denver and rio grand depo. got on the cars and went to saltair beach and went on night watch very much fatigued.
31 I took a bath in a small lard bucket and put on some clean clothes but found my suspissons ware groundless as to the companey I had.
 June the 2 I received a later from home from my wife and from my daughter scharlott saying her mother had beene sick with the neuralegy in her head otherwise all well at home. I workt at the pavilion up to the 9 of June and on 9 June I got my honerabel discharg and I went to the city. Joseph come with me and we went to aunt Tildies to stop. unkel John and aunt ellen and aunt Leah Paul was there and we got super and had a very pleasant viset. Joseph and I slept at aunt Marey Leavers.
11 was Sunday. O I atended sunday school in the 13 ward and went to meeting in the tabernacle.
12 June I got the money for my check and went and done some shoping and bought me some clothes and got ready to come home.
13 June I got on the cars at the utah central depot. come out as far as park city and stopt there overnight. paid 50 cts for a bed and had lots of companey in the shape of bedbugs.
14 June I come home with henerey long on a buckboard. got home a bout 330 p m. I found my wife and the children all well. I remained at home up to the 19 of July. we ware out of flour and I borowed of Bro Atheson wheat 12 bushels and one peck of wheat and I took it to the mill and had it ground and brought the flour home. I oferd to pay Bro Atheson the wheat with interest but he would not take the interest and I paid him the wheat without interest.
24 we had a great selebration in kamas. the mormon pioneers ware represented. ox teams ware hitcht up. men ware dresst in indians clothes. the mormons and the indians had a sham fight. one indian was shot off his horse and taken prisoner. the indian chief rides into the mormon camp with a flag of truce and piece was declared and they all formed in to a percession and martcht to John Carpenters hall and we all went in to the hall. the meeting was called to order by the marshel of the day. the choir sang a hymn. prair was oferd by the chaplin Bishop S F Atwood. the choir then sang the stars spangel baner after whitch there was songs speatches and toasts. Ward E Pack was orater of the day and he delivered a splendid oration refuring back to the days when Joseph the proffet received the plates from the angel Maroni and the driving of the mormans from and the entering in to Salt Lake valley and of our circumstances of today and how abundantly the lord had blesst us. the sirveses was closed and the congregation was dismist and we all went to diner. we ate our diner in the hall we had bread and butter for our dinner and some salmon. the sirveses of the day closed with foot races a ball game and some horse races. Joseph ran a horse race in a gang race. we come home a bout 6 30 and found some catel in the lot and we got them out before they had done mutch damage.
25 I helpt Joseph hall hay on parl Neelies farm and we finisht the halling on the 2 day of august.
august the 3 Joseph and I hailed hay for mr J. Brind.
4 I comenst to water the wheat on the farm near the grave yard and I finisht the watering on the 13 of august. Beney come home from the city after a absents of over a month he was in debt $5.00 for his board.
12 Beney took the team and went down to davises ranch after lotty. she had beene to heber city to get her teeth fixt. they arived home at 1 30 pm. then we were all at home. Joseph came home in the after noons and we was all at home except Hatty and she is in mexico and has got 2 children and is doing well. this sirtenley should make a father and mother happy if there is love at home.
August 13 went to meeting in wodland and we had a good meeting.
14 the 3 smallest boys and I halld manuer on the farm.
15 Beney and I halld hay for Mr Blair for $5 00 per day and we was to take our pay in hay at 5 00 per tun in the field.
16 we halld hay for Brind.
17 we halld 2 loads of hay home and blair grumbeld considerabel and didnot want to let the hay go untill it was recieved in the stack by Abram hunter. I filled up the water ditches on the farm and workt at home.
19 I workt at home in the grainery.
20 was Sunday. David and Irwin and I went to meeting to woodland. we went a horse back. we had a shower and all came home wet. the boys come home atfesans boys in the bugey.
21 was stormey and we did not work mutch.
22 Beney and I went to pine valley and got a load of poles and nearly broked wheal down.
23 Beney and I repaired the wheal and set the tier and put a tongue partley in the wagon.
24 Beney and maw and all of the children went over the river to gather some beries. Joseph is filling up the water ditches on mr Neilies farm that he is farming on shairs. I am at home keeping house and piling up lumber.
August the 25 1893 Beney went to pine valley to get a load of poles. he Mr. White and White curst and swore and would not let him hav the poles and calld him some hard names and a lier because he had said the poles was ours and Beney helpt to hall the poles there on the ground. White forbid him halling the poles a way and beney come away without the poles. he come down to Joneses or Moons mill and got a load of slabs and come home.
26 we wurkt at home.
29 Maw and Joseph and Hatty (or Lotty) and Beney Leah David and Jane went up in the kanyon to get some rasberries. they stopt over night. come home in the eavening. it stormed very hard on them while they ware in the kanyon.
Sept the 4 1893 I went to park city and got a load of freight that had beene sent by Mr Brind partley for my self and partley for Brinds famley. I got home a bout sundown. we ware all well at home.
24 Sept Lotty and beney went to the park. Lotty was going to Salt Lake to work out. Leah went with them and in the evening. beney and Leah come back home. got home a bout sundown 6 p m.
25 Sept we comenst to halling up the wheat and the second crop of lucern and it took us a bout 13 days and we then had some very stormey wether.
October the 9 I took a grist to W. H. Stevens mill on weber river. I had 16 and a half bushel of wheat. I did not get my grist back with me in the evening of the 9. the thrashing machien drove in the yard and in the morning of the 10 we comenst to thrash the wheat and the oats and by 11 a m we was through with the thrashing. we had in all 218 bushelss. in the arternoone it was very stormey. rained snowed and blowed. the machien went to Oaker Eskelsons and it stormed for a bout 3 days before they could thrash aney more.
Nov the 15 1893 we left home in the morning a bout 6 a m. there was maw and Joseph and I and the babey Jane. we started for the city. we had a pair of horses and a wagon. we had some turkies a few lbs of butter and some oats and we was going to make a purtches of some shoes and dry goods and sitra. we went as far as ross holow and stopt for noone. we fed the team and ate some dinner. we stopt a bout one hour and started on and went as far as roatches and stopt for the night. we hierd a bed of Mr Roatch. Joseph slept in the bar room.
16 we got up in the morning as soone as it was lite fed the horses and started on our journey before breakfast but drove to the city and we went to Jack dericks. the first place we stopt at aunt Sarah oferd us some breakfast and we excepted of the same and after breakfast I took the team down to my sister Matilda Gordons. unhotched and fed the team. found tilda and famley all well. went up in town and sold 5 turkies whitch we had brought in with us and I got $5.50 for the turkies. went to my brotherinlaws Samuel Levers and stopt there over night.
17 got up and eat breakfast and went up in towne and done some and
bought some shoes for the children and maw and I stopt that night at Aunt tildas.
18 I got up in the morning at 7 am. stopt that night at my brotherinlaws Samuel Leavers.
19 was Sunday. the wether was clear but cold. we hitcht up the team and started home about 9:30 am. came roung by way of aunt Tildies and stopt there a little while and called round to Zack Dericks. got Some curant bushes and started on our journea. as we was coming through the shugar house ward Mrs Neibaur saw a house on fire. She gave the alarm. Joseph rushed upstairs and put the fire out without it doing mutch damag. campt for diner in parlies kanyon. fed the team and come up as far as roatches where we overtook Joseffmar and Sister Julie Woolstenholm. we took sister Woolstenholm in our
wagon and come on over the summit to andersons. stopt there over night. Mrs Woolstenholm and Mrs Neibaur slept together on the floor. Joseph and I slept together in the camp house.
20 we hitched up the team 8 am and started on our journey. Arived at home at 
3 p m. found the children all well and all at home except Leah and Willey. they ware at school and come home in a little while after we got home. we had 5 pair of new shoes with us whitch was needed at home very mutch and it caused great rejoicing with the children as they ware all nearly bear footed. we ware all very glad to be home a gain and thankt the Lord for the blessings we enjoyed.
21 it comenst to snowing and was very cold and snowed most all day. Beney started to go to school.
23 workt at home. the wether was very stormey.
25 and 27 white washt the bedroom.
29 I went to the Grist mill and took some wheat to pay my taxes water ditch taxes which was $5.80 cts. I received for my wheat 47 1/2 cts per bushel.
December the 7 was Thursday. was fast day. Maw and I went to fast meeting to woodland ward. afterward we attended a relief society meeting and we had a good meeting. it was in the woodland meeting house.
December the 13 I went to the grist mill and I had 21 bu of wheat and I come home with 690 lbs of flour. it was stormey and we did not doe mutch work.
15 Beney and I halld hay from Mr Blairs on the river bottom. Joseph come home in the evening from the kanyon.
21 Beney and I halled hay from the river bottom.
22 I took maw down to Mrs. Neeleys in the sleigh and brought back a load of hay and maw on top of it.
23 Maw and Beney went to the park after lotty. they went in the sleigh they went in the sleigh but come back without Lotty as she has not come out of town yet. 
24 was Sunday. I attended sunday school we had a very good meeting.
25 was Christmas. we had a sunday school Jubelee. our sunday school choir sang a song and in the afternoon the children had a dans. I came home for my Chrismas diner. we had a very good christmas diner. a roasted turkey and with the rest. Joseph was in the kanyon. Lotty was on her road home from the city. Leah was working out and was at Mrs Johnsons. Hatty is in mexcico. Lotty come home just after we got through with diner.
29 Beney went to packs mill and got a load of lumber to go to the park with.
30 beney went to the park with a load of lumber come back as far as davises and stopt there over night in the barn and nearly froze.
31 he got up early in the morning and come home before breakfast. he got home about 10.30 am. the three small boys and I went to Sinday School in the west school house in woodland ward. we had a good sunday school. I went to meeting in the ward house in the aftemoone and was set apart assistent superintendent of the sunday school to brother osker Eshelton. this is the last of 1893 and it is a good ending of the year for me and I hope the rest year will be full of just suc events for me.
January the 1 1894 there was a dans in the woodland ward house on the first day of the month and year. I atended the dans. it was for the children. Maw and all of the children went to kamas to the childrens dans.
5 I atended a sunday school meeting in the woodland ward house in the eavening. it was very cold but we had a good meeting. I got home at 10 in the eavening. the folkes ware all in bed but there was a good fier and the house was very comfertable.
7 was sunday and I and 7 of the children atended sunday school in the west school house. I delivered a lecture from the chart a picture taken from the book of mormon representing Lehi and his companey traveling in the wilderness near the red sea.
8 beney and I killed a small pig. the day was so cold we took it in the grainerey to clean it.
11 Joseph come home from the kanyon and went back on the 14.
27 was Josephs birthday and we had a dans at our house. I opend the dans by prair. we had a very pleasant time. danst until 12 and then sang songs resetations for one hour and we then dispurst.
28 the children and I atended sunday school. mrs Dan Mitchell lectured from the chart.
Feb the 4 we all went to Sunday School and maw and the babey. there was 10 of my family at the sabeth school. there was 30 members present in all. I delivered a lecture from the chart. I went to meeting in the afternoon to wodland ward and sang in the choir.
5 was the day or eavening we attended a trial or a hearing before the teatchers for a diffiactty that had arisen betwens Lotty and Milley Carhit Hallet a bout some slanderous tatk that had beene going a bout Mrs. Hallet and after the evidens had beene given in the brethroen talkt and it was desided that Lotty was in the fault and they reprooved Lotty and she was to ask sister Hallits forgivness and after considerable talk and by request lotty very reluctanty asked millies forgiuness and they shook hands and made up friends and we all shook hands and askt the blessings of the Lord to rest upon each other and most all cried and shed tears for joy and we then went to our homes and it was a bout 12 Oclock at night when we got home and David cried the rest of the night with his tooth acheing. Joseph and Lotty and Beney and Leah was there. beney got up and talkt a little while.
12 Maw and I and Joseph and Lotty beney and Leah went to a dans to Henry smiths and we had a pleasant time.
17 maw and Lottie and Beney took the team and went to Coalvill to sea Grand mother shriggs and aunt mary and to get lotties teeth fixt. they stopt there 2 days and had a good visit.
20 Joseph and I kild the beefe stear while maw and the children was away.
22 was georg Washingtons birthday. we all went up the river to a consert in honor of washingtons birthday.
25 we went to sunday school and had a good sunday school. beney delivered a lecture from the chart on the book of mormon.
Martch the 2 was the last day of the district school and it was quite a day for the children. they had songs resetations and some dialogs. there was maney of the parents of the children present. after the children had got through with their pieces Mrs. Arnold askt if aney of the parents would like to talkt to whitch my self brother daniel Mitchel and Osker Esketon responded and spoke a few words to parents and children in the way of encouragment. in the eavening there was many of the children of the school and the trustees and maney of the parents gathered to henery Athisons in the way of a surprise party on Miss Arnold and the house was so crowded we had to resort to the school house and we had a pleasant time and a nice dans.
4 Henery Smith delivered a lecture from the chart in the Sunda School and we had had a very good sunday school. I went to meeting in the afternoon all a loan to woodtand ward.
5 Joseph went to the kanyon.
Martch 10 Joseph and beney went up the kanyon after logs and took 2 teams and
2 sleighs.
12 Lotty and Beney and I left home in the morning at 11 am to go to the city. the snow was over a foot deepe. we went as far as park city and stopt and fed the team and we stopt in the sleigh while the horses ate their feede. we then hitcht up and went on as far as andersons and we stopt there over night. Lotty slept on the ----- and Beney and I slept an the flore.
13 we got up at 5.30 a m all feeling pretty well and left andersons 7 a m. had some very sideling road to drive over and twice Lotty had to get out of the sleigh to keepe from being tipt over. we overtook Mr Thacker near the top of the summit. he had tipt over with a load of lumber and shingels and we helpt him load up and then we then came on down the sumit as far as to Ritchard Windmills and here we borowed a wagon and went in the city with a wagon. the raods was very mudey and heavy all the way through the city. we arived at aunt Tildies at 3 pm. fowtd aunt Tildie in bed and very sick but feeling better than she had beene. some of the children had been sick with the scarleteene and same with the chicken pox. they weare all getting better. in the evening I attended mutual meeting in the 13 ward. we had a good meeting. after the meetig I askt bro morley to come down and administer to aunt Tilda and he did so and I administered with him and after we had prair we went to bed.
14 we arose in the morning feeling prety well. aunt Tilda was some better. I went up in town and tried to by a plow from the implement co. made a bargin for one. did not get it that day. cleard up aunt tildas yard.
15 beney and I took the team and went up in town and got the plow and took it home or to aunt tilds and we then loaded up the rubish out of the yard and beney went and took it north of the city. we took a beefe hide up in town and sold it for 50 cts. bought 50 lbs of sault to bring home.
26 Martch we left the city at 2 pm and started to come home we called at Henery Spriggs. he was not at home. we saw his wife and her daughter. we then come on home as far as Mr. Windmills and stopt there over night. spent a very pleasant eavening with windmill and his familey.
17 we lef Mr. Windmills earley in the morning and the roads we very soft and hard for the horses to travel on. we had hard work to get up the sumit and we then had hard work to get down but we finally suceeded and got as far as andersons with a very tierd team and soft raods. we stopt at andersons over night and got dinner and supper with them and that night ot in the eavening I wrote a leter to Bro Charles Wahlquist who was on a mission in denmark. we got up early in the morning and left andersons and thought we would get over the roads before they got soft but it took us a bout 3 hours and very hard work to get to Kimbels ranch and from there we got a long very well as the roads was very fair. we come as far as park city. stopt there and fed the horses. come on as far as davises with the sleigh. there we borrowed a wagon from William Davis and left our sleigh and come home with the wagon. got home about 4 pm found the folkes all well.
19 I took Davises wagon home and got the bob sleighs.
24 beney and I went up the kanyon and got a load of wood and lost the axe of the sleigh as we was coming home.
25 maw and I and some of the children went to meeting in the woodland ward house and we had the babey Jane with us and while we was coming home the babey come down with the scarteteena. she comenst to vomiting and come down with a very high fever. she was sick for some time and we had to take the best of care of her but she fineley got over it all write. I tried to borow or hier some seede wheat in Kamas but could not.
Aperill the 3 1899 I got on a horse and went to Heber City to try and boraw or hier some seede whaet. I went to sea bro hatch. he was Just gon to salt Lake to atend the general conference. Heber Molten was tithing clerk. I went and saw him and got an order of him for 20 bushels of wheat from the tithing office in Woodland Ward.
4 April Joseph and I went to the woodland tithing office and got 20 bushels of wheat and in the afternoon we got 5 sacks of wheat from Amas Atkinson and in the afternoon Joseph comenst to plow and break up land on our farm. took a grist to the Kamas grist mill.
Apr the 15 leah was set apart with maney others for a teatcher in our Sunday School.
27 Joseph and Beney and I atended a meeting in the eavening in the woodland meeting house for the purpus of seaing how maney young men there was in the ward that wanted to join the Deacons Chorum and there was 12 and Joseph and Beney was among the number. I with sevrel of the brethren got up and talkt and tried to say something incouraging to the young men. the night was very stormey and it snowed quite hard.
28 there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground we had a sunday school in our schoot house. it was speake day and the schoot complied very well and we had a very good time.
29 was Sunday. there was 5 of us went to meeting in the woodland meeting house and we had a good meeting. in the eavening the 2 boys and I went to a meeting in the schoot house. it was for the purpose of ordaining some of the young men as deacons and joseph and Beney was ordained deacons. Joseph was ordained under the hands of Bishop Cabbrum Lambert. Beney was ordained under the hands of Daniel Mitchel. Beney was chosen to act as first councillor to Amos Atkinson. bro Lamburt talkt to the young men and gave them good advice. we was there untill twelve oclock at night. workt at home and in the kanyon to may the 20.
20 of may Mrs. Millers babey felt in the mill pond and was drowned and we did not have aney meeting. 
22 the babey was bueried. Mrs. Neibaur and I atended the funeral. it was held in Mrs. Millers house.
24 Beney and I went to the kanyon and got a load of seder posts. stopt all night at moons mill.
25 come home and sold some posts to Amos Atkinson.
4 June went to heber city with a load of seder posts.
5 come home and workt at home the rest of the weak. in June Beney and I workt at home the rest of the weaks. in June we halled several loads of posts to heber and sold them.
July the 4 no selebration.
7 July I got on pat and went to heber city to a sunday school convention. I met Joseph Parcells just before I got to heber city. he said he had got a mail contract to let to some one to cary the mail from Park city to kamas and he wanted me to take it the contract. I told him I would think a bout it. I went on to heber. went to the sunday school meeting and we received some good instructions. I come home in the eavening. the family was all in bed.
8 was Sunday. I went to meeting. asisted bro Byell in administering the sacrement.
9 I went to Heber city with a load of seder posts. I sold them to president hatch for 200 lbs of flour and $1.00 in his store. I slept that night in the stack at president hatches farm.
Augest the 14 I got on a horse and road down as far as Davises ranch to see Joseph Parcells to sea him a bout geting a contract to cary the mail from Davises ranch to Kamas. saw him and got the contract. I was to have $500.00 a year.
15 I comenst to cary the mail on horse back.
25 Beney caried the mail to Davises and I took 2 of the horses and went to heber city to try and get a harness from Mr. Bull. he had gone away and I waited there untill 5 p m to get to see him. I was disapointed in geting a wagon and a harness. I come home the same night. got home at 11 at night.
26 was sunday and we had a sunday school. Joseph come home. he had beene a way 3 weaks. we was all very glad to sea him.
27 I took Benies horses and went to the city to get a wagon. tried at the coop wagon and machien co but they would not let me have a wagon nor a harness as I was oweing them a little bill. I then went to the Consolidated implement and they said they would let me have the things I needed if I would get some responsible person to sign a note with me. I got my brother nathan to sign the note with me. he was in Provo and I telephoned to him and I got a harness and a wagon whitch cost me $130.100/00 bows and cover and 2 spring seats.
August 30 I put the new harnes on the horses and hitched them on the new wagon and drove round to my sister Matilda. Gordons tilda got in the wagon with me and we drove round to whare Scharlott was living. she was living with Mrs. Webber. I interduced her to my new wagon and harness. we stopt there and talkt with her a few minets and tilda and I drove round to Mrs Neibaurs my fathers wife. we went in the house whare she was liveng and talkt to her a little while. she was very sick. I stopt at night at my brotherinlaws Samuel Leavers.
31 hitcht on the wagon and come as far as Andersons in the park.
Sept the 1 come to Park City. got the mail and comenst to cary it from the park to Kamas pro and con. the first pasinger I halled was Mr. Feril to park city. the next was Mr. Frank armstrong a mair of salt lake city. here I continued to cary the mail to the last of the year 1894. on the 2 day of January 1895 we mooved from our oan house in woodland to Phineious youngs house in Kamas. it was the law of the churtch that any member of the churtoh moovring from one branch or ward to a nother, should take a recomend but I did not understand it and i did not get a recomend until I wanted to go to the tempel. I askt the bishop for a recomend to go to the tempel and he informed me that I would have to bring a recomend and be recieved as a member of the ward whitch I did. the bishop was Ephrum Lambert.
money earned outside of the mail sept $10.90
money earned outside the mail Oct $10.25
nov $7.25
Dec $14.45.
outside of carying the mail in Jan for freight and pasingers $18.14.
On the 2 of January 1895 we moved from our own house to Kamas in Phineiaus youngs house in Kamas. 
for freight and Kasingers to park city and Kamas in Febuary $11.40
March $14. 25
Apr $15. 85
On the 2 of January we moved from our own house on the bench to phineiaus youngs house on the bench. here we have lived ever sins untill the 29 of March 1896 without being received as members of the ward. this was through a misundersstanding that we was not recieved in the Kamas ward.
April the 3 I got a recomomend from bishop Samuel F. Atwood to go to the salt lake tempel and doe some tempel work for my dead friends. I atended all of the meetings of the general Conference and on the 8 of Apri; I went to the tempel to doe work but through a mistake I had to loose the days work.
April the 9 I went through the tempel and done the work for my brotherinlaw William Gorden.
April 10 I went through the tempel and was indowed for a dead man by the name of Jonethan Miller a name they gave me in the temple.
11 April I got on the cars and come out to the park city and was met there by my son Joseph. he was there with the mail had 4 pasingsrs and the lite wagon. got 4 pasingers to bring home. the roads was very mudey but we had 4 horses and we come a long all write.
12 April we was most all at home and we farmed through the sumer and caried the mail and halled some lumber. raised some wheat oats potatoes and some hay and atended Sunday School in Kamas and Joseph workt in the Kanyon and Beney workt in the park at the sanpel lill.
in October on the 2 of October 1895 I hitcht up the team. I hitcht up pat and bess and in the afternoone about 3 I left home in company with my wife and our babey Jane. we went as far as rosholow and we fed the team and then we went on as far as andersons. we stopt there over night. next morning we got in early and drove over the sumit to Ritchard Winmills and stopt there and got some breakfast and I then went on to the city. stopt at my sisters Matilda Cordens. we stopt there over night.
October the 4 was sunday and conference comenst. we went to meeting in the morning and in the afternoons we my wife went to visit with her sister Mary Leavers and I went to the meeting.
5 oct we went to meeting. baught us a lunch and ate it at the south end of the asembly hall in the tempel block. we atended most all of the meetings during the conference whitch lasted 3 days. on the 7 we went to the tempel and done some tempel work. my was baptised for her helts and for 2 dead women. one was Sarah brook and the other was sarah Brown. they ware reletives of W. F. Anderson. I was baptised for John a in law relative of W. F. Anderson.
8 we went through the tempel and was indowed. I for William Alston. my wife for Jane McAlister. we went in the tempel at 8 am and come out at 8 pm. it was very mutch crowded as the house intended to acomedate 200 and there was 297 to go through that day.
9 was friday and we comenst to get ready to come home. started from aunt tilds at 3:30 pm. saw aunt Leah and her husband A. M. Paul on our home. they ware out bugey rideing. we stopt and talkt with them for a few minutes and then we come on our way home. stopt at aunt Sarah dericks and then we come as far as ritchard Winmills and we stopt there over night.
Augest the 15 1894 I comenst to carey the mail from Davises ranch to Kamas a horseback and continued untill the first of september then I caried it in a lite wagon from park city to Karnas pro and con.
January 1 1894 we arned outside of the mail $10.90 cts.
in oct $10.25c.
Dec $14.45c.
1895 for freight and pasingers
Jan $18.14
Feb $11.41
Mar $14.25c
April $15.25c
May $8.70c
June 17.40
July 22.45c
aug $22.45
aug $34.85
sep $47.60c
oct $35.35
nov $28,53
tunel mail $9.25c
dec $39.43
January 1896 money earned outside of the mail $33,52c
Feb $14.90c
on the 3 of December 1895 I received of J. K. Parcel $37.51
Feb the 10 I recieved of J. K, Parcell $93. 75c
July 1 received of J. K. Parcell $87.15c
Aug the 15 of H. A. Lawton $93. 75c
on the nov the 26 I received of H. A. Lawton $93.75
February the 20 1896 of H. A. Lawton $93. 75
may the 11 1896 of a H A Lawton $93.75c
aug the 19 of H A Lawton $93. 75
nov the 20 1896 received of H A Lawton $93.75c
may the 22 1897 of H A, Lawton $93. 75c 
oct the 25 1895 henerey Long mooved in my house. I received of henery Long on rent $13.50c